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  • lajollamomA very friendly manatee checked us out multiple times during our swim with them in Crystal River. They can weigh up to 1000 lbs and you'd think that might be intimidating but it's actually not because they are so slow and gentle. And cute. Their faces are just enough to make my heart explode.
    Hurricane Hermine wiped out quite a bit of seagrass in Crystal River which is what the manatees eat. They're trying to replant it but there may unfortunately be some challenges ahead for these gentle giants.
    I'm very grateful that our captains from Plantation at Crystal River were also armed with a GoPro because somewhere in transit I lost my little USB flash drive with the microSD card in it. Luckily, I downloaded a few pics and videos from this tour but most of them are lost. Such is life.
    But, seriously, how cute are they? Would you swim with a manatee?💙

  • littleislandstudiosSwam with manatees growing up!! 🌊
  • lajollamom@littleislandstudios lucky!!! I want to do it again.
  • lajollamom@lafarfallatravelers thanks! They are ridiculousness cute.
  • lajollamom@lunaticatlarge do it! Though best to go between Dec and Feb because they're trying to stay warm up there. When the air/water warms up, they hear back to the Gulf.
  • lajollamom@ewestkinsey they're so slow you won't freak out!
  • littleislandstudios@lajollamom Yes, it's amazing! Miss home💕
  • selfecasesThank you for sharing the lovely pictures.
  • thepaabAww nice
  • ewestkinseyHe came.so close!! Ok ok o can do it!
  • twinstarfanCute but no thanks😅
  • planetbrandeeIs there a link to their website for booking? This looks wonderful! ❤ @lajollamom
  • cedric.lovenatureAmazing experience! 😍💙💚
  • sweatboxla🙏
  • explorecoastThey are one of my favorites!
  • dkurka7Awesome snapshot
  • luxstaysYes! Have you got any more adventures planned?
  • wayfaring_blissfullyLove this. This is like out nat geo
  • rossanawyattSo cool!
  • simhardyAw nice
  • jtown_photographyStunning video, great job
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