New babies ❤
  • loepsiesNew babies ❤

  • 44beau44Ik ken dat soort krijtjes😏 die zijn zoooo fijn/mooi😍😍😍😘
  • masa_azemمن هدول كنت بدي جبلك بس مافي غير صغار💔@nadia___kilany
  • _kayumovaakhWhat is it? Is it for hairs?
  • loepsies@__iamhoney They're artist's hard pastels. Art supplies ☺
  • _kayumovaakh@loepsies ooouuu😅 sorryyyy)))
  • marie_toinetteLucy, I bough some pastels as well about last year, I tried painting with them but they were kinda like crayons? It would be cool if you paint something with them
  • junimondigMy bf got me soft pastels for Christmas. My bf really put a lot of thought into it but I'm not sure if I should keep them because I'm more of an accurate painter.. What are you going to do with them? 😊
  • _my_viking_kingdom_So cool 😊
  • nadia___kilany😭😭💔 معلش قبلانه بيلي جبتييين تقبرنيي💋 @masa_azem
  • vitrail_foxGah, love this! I'm hoping to get a set of acrylic paints soon! Working a on painting presently. Hope to see your creations soon!
  • krankenwagen_c3Omg! Can you make a video of you creating a piece with them?☺
  • ashpearson24Happy new year @loepsies hope 2017 treats you and your family well ❤
  • snowelveUuuuuhhhhhhh nice :D happy new year ♡
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