Sun's up - Where's the #Bacon? 😍🍴#NationalBaconDay πŸ“·@sergioaranda
  • unitedSun's up - Where's the #Bacon? 😍🍴#NationalBaconDay πŸ“·@sergioaranda

  • united@leahgrace050413 Hey Leah, just touching base with you. Do you need assistance in rebooking currently? Please let us know. ^EH
  • united@annieedits We hear you, Annie. Please feel free to voice your complaint through our Customer Care team at ^EB
  • leahgrace050413I would like to reimbursed for all of the emotional stress and frustration I have been put through since yesterday at 11pm. Never in my life have I experienced such poor customer service when I am a frequent flyer member , had a receipt of my flight , and have been put through the ringer day 2 with United. I was on the phone with " customer service "from 2am- 6 am this morning. All I was told was to create a case online , which was done. Then I was told nothing would be resolved until 7 business days!!!!!!! I paid 561.70 for a round trip ticket that I was told was not valid due to an error on my outgoing flight, well that is not my problem. So now 14 hours later I am finally heading to my home destination. Instead of arriving home at 555am I will get home at 10pm and then drive 3.5 hours home just to wake up and work a 12 hour shift ( I'm an RN) tomorrow morning leaving my house at 6am.
  • annieedits@united I would like to but I have not received my old flight confirmation and flight number from your customer care service department (even though they said 2 days ago that they would email it to me) I have no record of the delayed flight as the app changed it to the updated one.
  • leahgrace050413I still have to pay for my car an additional day, pick up my son, pay for my dogs, unload all my luggage, pack my sons belongings for daycare and figure out how I am going to pay the daycare due to shelling out all this additional money due to United!!!!!!!!!
  • united@annieedits Did you talk with someone on the phone regarding this? If your MileagePlus number was linked to the reservation, you can find your reservation number in the past flights section on your account. ^EB
  • united@leahgrace050413 Hey Leah, can you DM us on Twitter or private message us on Facebook? We can continue the conversation there. ^EH
  • annieedits@united I did. They said they would email me directly with the old reservation. The old reservation disappeared from my account because it was replaced with a new flight. I am unable to trace the flight # and reservation confirmation. Can you please have someone get in touch with me regarding this? My milagePlus account is always linked to my reservations and I am a card holder as well.
  • united@annieedits Do you have the original email with confirmation of your flight? If you do not have that confirmation number, then I recommend submitting the feedback form with your new confirmation and clarifying in the comments that this is what you were rebooked on after the delay. ^EB
  • nathan.guteI hope to be flying with you for Spring Break from Newark to San Juan on the 777. It will be my first time flying on a plane that big if we do and my first time flying United. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
  • nathan.guteMan reading the comments. Do people realize they can't do anything for delays? Especially at airports like Dulles, Newark Chicago, etc. they are big airports there are always delays. Top that with bad weather, malfunctions, broken things. You can't do anything for it. It's not the airlines fault. If you want to complain about this go fly Allegiant or Spirit and see how you like them.
  • midwest_aviationI am hoping to be a future pilot for you guys @united
  • jason_steward15@united Hi United! I am a huge fan of your airline but have never flown with you before. I really love your fleet and was wondering if it is possible for a British person to become a pilot for United Airlines? Would I need a resident Visa for the United States or would i be ok with my current nationality? Please let me know! 😊
  • united@jason_steward15 Yes. Please refer to this link ^NC
  • approach_limited_productions@united My grandmother worked on the ground at Dulles airport for 20 years with you guys. She misses the 727s, DC-10s, all that classic stuff
  • united@approach_limited_productions We love having your family as part of ours. Hope to see you on board again soon! ^SV
  • staralliancefanclubWe love @united recommend them for great staff and a flight in style!
  • wanderingvixengreat picture!
  • alyssa_sssCan't wait for this trip to be over so I never have to fly United again. Experienced the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with.
  • united@alyssa_sss This saddens us. We're here if you have any questions. ^NM
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