• eatingmadeeasyAt the start of this holiday season I was craving something different. I wanted to participate in the festivities but in a way that felt meaningful, and that made life easier for families whose life is really hard, since ours is not. So I spent the month doing service, which was time-consuming and at times overwhelming, but I also saw and experienced the impact it had, and that felt good. And along the way these companies joined my efforts by offering food, money, coupons and gift cards to those I was helping, without asking for recognition. So I wanted to recognize them here. Thanks for making the holiday season brighter and easier for many!

  • forkintherdAwesome! 💛
  • suprangerLove that you are giving back @eatingmadeeasy . Especially during the busy holiday season!
  • suziepharmdYou are so inspiring!!
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