• lollyjaneblogWow! Lots of questions about our new vinyl floors from @gohaus (see previous post) πŸ˜… so here we go.
    We detailed all the nitty gritty reasons in our floor series on LollyJane.com if you click the link in profile ☝🏼 Our major factors were we needed waterproof floors because we flood irrigate our lot to water the grass. With irrigation comes lots of wet feet, lots of grass and lots of dog prints. No warping, easy cleanup.

    Speaking of dogs, we have 2 hyper Boston Terriers and a fast police dog up in here, she runs to the door and her thick nails pound the floors as she screams down the hall. No scratching!

    4 kids. With new hoverboards for Christmas. No marks!

    I may be known to swap decor out often and when I dragged my antique dresser across these floors, it should have left a nice long scratch mark (😳) but nope, I buffed it away with my sock. Damage free!

    GoHaus offers free samples, ours is called Smoked Sage and I love the hints of trendy gray but it's mostly just your classic dark brown πŸ€— TAP for sources. XO

    #gohaus #gohausflooring

  • gohaus@lollyjaneblog thank you so much for sharing your honest feedback on the flooring, and for the opportunity to work with you! It means a lot to us!
  • mama.calhounNICE!!! I am super interested!
  • amberzimmermanWe have vinyl flooring very similar to this in our 4 season room and I cannot sing enough praises! Water spilled just pools on top and it is a breeze to clean! Everyone has to touch it because they cannot believe it's vinyl -It looks like wood planks. :) β€πŸ‘πŸΌ
  • lollyjaneblog@daniellethompson1 We'll probably list next week πŸ˜‰
  • jsdunlapcoLove the father sign!
  • rachelsthrivinglove your gather sign
  • flippedbirdusa❀❀❀
  • mendozamommyThanks.
  • craftedsparrowLove πŸ’—
  • lollyjaneblog@amberzimmerman Yaaaas! THAT is why we chose it, love how low maintenance it is πŸ€—
  • lollyjaneblog@rachelsthriving @jsdunlapco Thanks much! It's from our @lollyletters shop 😊 @fromblahtolala Thanks mucho! πŸ’•
  • bets_mac@anniekmac24
  • cottonstemThat bench though....πŸ™€πŸ˜
  • ertugrul_lafci48goodnight nice .beautiful😘😘
  • hellosunshineshoppeLove your @lollyletters painted black!!!! It makes the space really POP. Gorgeous!!
  • lollyjaneblog@hellosunshineshoppe @cottonstem Thanks, friends! 😘😘
  • 365daysofbakingSo inviting and makes me want to decorate. Thanks for the inspiration! 😍
  • lolliepop_balloonsL❀VE!
  • rossdressforlessLove it! Ok if we share this inspiration with other Ross customers in our marketing, like our social or digital media, website or email? If so, please reply with #YesRoss – thanks! Terms of Use: http://www.rossstores.com/terms-of-use
  • lollyjaneblog@rossdressforless #YesRoss ☺️
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