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  • black.conservative.patriotDear #potus #Obama, you are a #slave and the worst #president of my lifetime! And now you are trying to be the #mostdangerous #lameduck prez as well! Stop trying to usher in #ww3 and war with #russia over the #fakenews #russianhacking story. Please...#justgoaway! And #Putin, don't fall for any of these #nobama antics!
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  • alex_the_dude_hackerSeriously though good video as always sir! The left is just trying to go out with a bang before they lose relevance.
  • watts19721Wise words!
  • antsemoiAnyone who thinks Mother Russia is foe, has seen waaay too many Hollywood movies.
  • rcklckCOON ALERT 🚨
  • black.conservative.patriot@rcklck You're so late to the party, son. I have already declared myself a COON. Check out my video on Nov. 4th where I proudly state my COON status!
  • rcklck@black.conservative.patriot i'm not your son, boy. I'm glad you come to grips with your subservient way of thinking. One day you'll realize that there are no different "types" of black people in America no matter how hard you try.
  • black.conservative.patriot@rcklck "Subservient way of thinking"? Pray tell what is subservient in my way of thinking? And what, May I ask, am I trying so hard to do in America?
  • rcklck@black.conservative.patriot you're a lot older than me so whatever I say to you is not going to make any difference to you. So just know that I am you and you are me and we are them and there is no difference between us and them. You can either learn this the easy way or the hard way. There are no types of us and you will never be fully assimilated into them.
  • black.conservative.patriot@rcklck I appreciate your sharing your opinion, even though we may disagree. This is what I love about America. I don't know what you mean by I can learn this the easy way or the hard way. I was born and grew up as a child in Harlem and the Bronx. I then moved to LA. I now live in a very nice piece of Suburbia. So what lesson do I need to still learn? And what am I trying to fully assimilate? I'm American, born and raised. I'm already assimilated! ( I have also lived and worked abroad for 5 years. Makes me love and appreciate this country even more!)
  • rcklck@black.conservative.patriot I didn't mean anything in malice, I'm just saying. when push comes to shove we're all the same to them.
  • black.conservative.patriot@rcklck @rcklck No malice taken mi hermano. But I disagree. And my disagreement comes from life experience.When a bunch of white kids attacked my house as one of several homes they hit with TP as a Boy Scout prank, my White neighbors didn't understand what was going down. They just knew BCP'S lights went on and they saw a bunch if Young White Males fleeing from my house. Cops were there in SECONDS. White cop. Why? Because I was a member of my community. (Which is middle class White, Black, Latino and Asian. But yes-mostly White.) The whole US vs Them as in Blacks vs Whites is in one's head. There will always be bigots and racists, both Black and White. Thats called so what.But that doesn't mean that it is ingrained in everyone. Most Whites actually aren't racist. Life is so liberating when you live as a Free Black man. Free of baggage and victimhood. That's freedom. It starts within.
  • trump2017_@rcklck I'm 25% black and 75% white and I'm a trump supporter, am I a coon because I have 25% African blood or is the coon label only for those 50% black or higher? Or does it have to do with the "one drop rule" and even those who are 1% black and 99% white are coons? If you don't mind explain to me how this works out
  • trump2017_@rcklck No answer?
  • rcklck@trump2017_ I didn't make up those rules whites did years and years ago so go ask massa
  • trump2017_@rcklck do you yourself know the rules on who and who can't be a coon?
  • trump2017_@rcklck and the "messa" died over a hundred years ago
  • rcklck@trump2017_ so how exactly are you 25 percent black and 75 percent white?
  • trump2017_@rcklck my mothers white and both of her parents are white, my fathers father is white and my fathers mother is black.
  • rcklck@trump2017_ you're white
  • rcklck@trump2017_ well good, that seemed to have shut you up.
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