• gii_nii#rousey!!!
  • the_body_It would be great if you also had your address listed on your profile..
  • danahiggs75What time?
  • itis_wat_itis@the_body_ Google is a fantastic invention 😉
  • itis_wat_itis@the_body_ Anytime, sweetness. See ya tonight 😂😁
  • the_body_@itis_wat_itis What a witty and enlightening response!! How have I made it through life without you or your astounding insight... It's a business page, yes?! Why wouldn't you have the address to your establishment on it? Instead of having potential customers go to your Instagram business page and thEn clicking on an additional link or go to Google to search for an address... I mean I don't know, I would want to make it as easy and convenient as possible for people to find my establishment. That's just me though but again, thank you 😉😉
  • itis_wat_itis@the_body_ lol you didnt have to correct your grammar and repost it. I understood it the first time.
  • the_body_@itis_wat_itis 😁😁😁
  • the_body_@itis_wat_itis Hahaha I had to!! It drives me insane to see the errors lol
  • the_body_But thank you!!
  • the_body_☺️
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