• food_to_glowFood heaven rn with steaming hefty bowls of fragrant soups and noodles. This North Tampa restaurant boasts seven kinds of tofu, an insanely enticing bakery, the best boba teas (not too sweet and real ingredients used), and fresh takeaway. Everything is homemade, ridiculously affordable, and the service is outstanding. We drove an hour to get here and contemplated renting a flat nearby just to work through the menu. If you are near Tampa and love Vietnamese food, you MUST go. Ask for Rebecca (#bestserverever). 😍😍😍 #vietnamesefood #eatflorida #eattampa #getinmybelly #restaurantreview #noedits

  • food_to_glow@mad_dix and @jfitztagram. You have to come here 😊😊😊
  • alecialindsayThis shot is wonderful! Your feed is so inspiring! I appreciate seeing other people's journeys. Have a fantastic day!
  • food_to_glowThanks so much @alecialindsay. Visiting family and eating my way around Tampa Bay is a fun break from my usual!
  • gmmphotographyVery cool 😎
  • vitlhealthLove it!
  • mama_baba_ganoushI lived in Vietnam and the food is one of my favourite cusines!! πŸ’–πŸ’–
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