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  • dillon.scotttSorry I'm really not trying to spam you but I have a question for you
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  • warzonefitness@cjthememphiskid you need to ask chance where he got these overalls 🤣
  • ll_cool_rel_You really a culture vulture to hip hop
  • clairemorris101@blavrisa ITS DADDY
  • bitter_sweetzChanneling your inner 3 Stacks #andre3000 @chancetherapper 🔥
  • il_nickkGreat rapper, self made 💪🏼
  • lovelyvioletteeI know this is a long shot, but I'm willing to try. Jiovanni Renteria is a 13 year old boy, he lives in Southern California and has huge dreams and aspirations in life. He is the most humble little human being I've ever gotten to know. He's the first to take off his sweater and hand it to you if you're cold. He's never asked me for anything. And a couple months ago I kept hearing the same songs on repeat for hours and hours, until I finally asked him, "jios who's this artist?" And he responded "chance the rapper!! He's my inspiration Evie! Listen to his lyrics!! Just listen!" And I did, from that point on I knew Chance was a great motivator, and ultimately an inspiration to my jios" He is my younger brother, we grew up extremely close. Born on the same day, but six years apart. When Chance released his tour dates and I got to look over them, his first concert is in San Diego... on April 24th. The day Jiovanni and I were both born. So I thought "let me work and I'll afford this!" I'm an Arizona state sun devil, and clearly in debt from paying college fees. I have an interview Monday, but everything is sold out and the cheapest ticket I can find is 2,000. Chance... this is something I've never asked for before but please read this message and make jios dreams come true on the day of his birthday. God bless you, and your career!❤️ thank you! @chancetherapper
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  • janineactressDamm!! Them lips!! Boy listen they say I have sexy lips..you're in the legue!😘💯❌⭕️❌⭕️🎯
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