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  • sphero'Tis the season to watch The Force Awakens with BB-8. #tbt

  • sphero@acedave1 Great suggestion! This happens to a certain degree already. Give it a try!
  • annesdr@alroma_99 @begosdr
  • sphero@ty.13.r We're working on new ideas all the time! No announcements at this time though.
  • sphero@aventura_15 On a full charge, Ollie has up to an hour of run time.
  • anthony_ventura23@sphero thx!
  • destinationhunters👍👍👍
  • nikeewestonFinally got my forceband. YESSSSSSSSSS @sphero finallyyyyyyyy
  • themessengerofdarkness@sphero I got a sphero 2.0 for Christmas, and I have levelled up to 20, bought all of the tricks, and now it says that there are supply drop tricks. I can't seem to find any, and I have used cores to buy multiple supply drops in a row, with no effect. Help?
  • sphero@nikeeweston Hooray! We know you've been patiently (or impatiently) waiting!
  • nikeeweston@sphero it's taken me agessssss to get it. FINALLY. Now please don't make anything amazing for a while. Cheers. My middle name is impatient.
  • sphero@themessengerofdarkness Can you reach out to us directly at support@sphero.com and we can troubleshoot with you?
  • amore_corazonBB-8 inner working has a lock 🔐 mechanical for accessing data that's why BB-8 moves back and forth to access the data in the Star Wars movie
  • micky1277@loganc3308
  • bellanoelle2006I have a question if u were to put a cover over the ball (which I think is awesome )would the bb8 head still stay connected @sphero because I'm thinking of buying the bb8 version
  • bellanoelle2006@sphero also I would be cool if it came with a remote and I love how y'all respond to every comment I love ur bots and I cant wait to see what the future holds for ur company
  • sphero@bellanoelle2006 It's fine to put a cover on BB-8. However, it would not work with the head attached. Prior to placing the cover on BB-8, the head should be removed.
  • sphero@bellanoelle2006 Thanks for the suggestion. At this time, all of our droids are app-controlled and will be for the foreseeable future.
  • bellanoelle2006Ok thanks I'm sooo excited and will take pics of mine when I get it yayayayayay @sphero
  • englandfan09How do we get replacement BB-8 antenna?
  • sphero@englandfan09 We would be happy to assist you. You can find replacement heads on our webstore. Feel free to also email us at support@sphero.com for more info.
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