I am SO feeling this for 2017! This year was amazing - I found my written goals for 2016 and I COULD NOT BELIEVE all but one of my goals had happened! Has that ever happened to you...your goals happening right under your nose and you don't even realize it? Sounds crazy but I think it's cause I have a tendency to focus too much on what hasn't happened yet rather than what HAS. Anyway, writing your goals down is a guaranteed way to bring them into your life. Writing them down seeps them into your subconscious mind! So write yours down!!! Even if you forget about them, your subconscious mind won't! And go big or go home, cause you're worth everything you desire. They're YOUR DREAMS for a reason, because they're meant to COME THROUGH YOU, so let them! 💪🏼✨❤💃🏼🎉💥🦄⚡️🥂
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