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  • planetfitnessForecast calls for a downpour...of confetti! 🎉 Getting ready for our Confetti Wishes drop on NYE! Be sure to join us for the party by tuning into @officialnyre 12/31 on ABC at 8/7c!

  • karrie_hopCan't wait!
  • _dirty30@braw44
  • laurie7554How often do I have too go to lose 67 pounds I'm 56 2 or3 or more a week and for heathy reason too let me I'll be there on new years eve
  • laurie7554New years eve can't wait
  • picklegoatI LOVE my planet!!!!
  • mikey.crcI love club 51❤️
  • laurie7554Happy New Year 🍾🍸⛄❄🎉❤😁🤓
  • belladonnamedispaGo check out my spa! Offering smartlipo and laser hair removal
  • cardsharkcarlaBummed my PF closes at 7am on NYE! Really wanted to end the year with a good workout. Ah well. There's always 2017 lol.
  • _h_h_d_Bring in the New Year with a workout at planet fitness
  • yearightissikHope u guys will look at your Hammond location, ran by children, I was the only one who knows about nutrition and weightlifting , went over and above writing plans and nutritional advice, even on my own time helping people, as the trainer I still helped stock coolers, take out garbage (things not assigned to me), was never late or called off, while the normal employees were childish like gossiping high schoolers, I maintained a professional attitude at all times helping people of all ages YET I walk in and am FIRED for absolutely NO GOOD REASON? "Joe" manager who is never there, does he have no idea he has children running the gym? And fired me because why? Because the childish employees didn't like me? Because I wasn't with them snickering about guests and behaving like a child with them? My clients were probably flabbergasted and shocked that I all of a sudden went missing. Shouldn't have signed that paper that said they can fire you for no reason for 3 months. I really loved my job, it is what I love and wish to do my whole life. Thanks a lot, your Hammond location really really screwed me big time for NOTHING
  • keniamaldonadov@pollo2592
  • planetfitness@yearightissik can you please contact us with the following information at social@planetfitness.com, full name, contact info and exact Hammond club location. Thanks.
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