It always feels good to be home. What was your favorite part of being home for the holidays this year?
  • unitedIt always feels good to be home. What was your favorite part of being home for the holidays this year?

  • rockyzookIt would have been really nice to be home for the holidays, but you cancelled my flight on Christmas Day because of "weather," when really it was because the plane only had 12 passengers booked. You didn't have the decency to pay for a hotel or even offer meal vouchers. I was stranded in a tiny town with no place open to get food because, in case you forgot, it was Christmas. Thanks, United!
  • alex_mo03Flying was my favorite part
  • pilotdispatcherTotally rocks!
  • shopeattravel@rockyzook you have to be prepared during weather delays. That is standard for every airline.
  • rockyzook@shopeattravel it wasn't an actual weather delay/cancellation. The weather was totally fine. United just decided it wasn't cost-effective to fly a plane with 12 people booked, so they blamed it on weather. I also never should have been routed through the town where I got stranded.
  • rkuresman#ua5226. We get the struggle but don't understand the lack of care, consideration or transparency. We #booUnited #dobetternow
  • gibbyroadAwesome post 😉
  • fitnesspntОчень понравилось!
  • btamborraIt's pretty hard to get home when you take a united flight
  • 214dtx_Smh
  • thoroughbredla#ghettocowboy #shame @michael_wayne_atha @united
  • timolino7Look! It’s fascinating...
  • staralliancefanclubwe are the official @staralliance fanclub so check out our page if u like star alliance! Follow if u want 💝
  • united@lilaussie_ Please feel free to send us your ideas to ^NM
  • lilaussie_@united thank you sounds good, I'll be in contact very soon.
  • lilaussie_@united just sent it
  • united@lilaussie_ Thank you. Have a great week. ^NM
  • georgiamasgrasI had no presents to give to my family this past holiday thanks to you @united! They were OK with it. I'm not OK with you. #united #ruined #christmas
  • united@georgiamasgras We encourage you to continue working with Baggage on this situation. We're sorry for the trouble it caused. ^JR
  • lilaussie_Did you guys get my email? Sent it 3 days ago to the media relations team
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