• soulscriptsYou guys. We need to talk. Like really talk. The crazy thing is were more connected than we've ever been but somehow so many of us have become more isolated than we've ever been. We pass by hundreds of humans on the highways, rack up our social media followers, and friend everybody on Facebook. But do we really know each other? Do we know what the living room of our sister's heart looks like? Or perhaps the better question is, do we really care?
    I don't know, it just really bugs me. I've been on such a mission to intersect that reality that I've found myself leaving my wrinkles un-ironed (see shirt pictured), my life half-figured out, and my duties undone because I want girls to see each other. I want us to STOP creating a story about someone else based on what we see on their profiles (yes I do it, too) and actually let our walls down.
    Ok I'm rambling. Just want you to know you're seen in your loneliness because you're really not alone - that perfect inspirational girl you think has her life together is just as broken and bruised as you are. And maybe if we were honest we wouldn't be so isolated. So yeah, I guess that's why I say "your brokenness is welcome here." Not because it's cute or catchy. But because that's the church. And we all need to know that. John 17:20-26. #soulscripts

  • kiley.fosterLOVE this. ❤
  • amberelizabethyoung😢😭😭🤗🤗🤗 hugs all around
  • queen_shannYou always say what I need to hear, thank you. I truly love your ministry, and hope someday to meet you in person. I feel like we are friends even tho we've never met 💜
  • nashae_beautifulYes it's amazing!
  • beautifulphotoprops@mandyferrugia this is Jordan, the creator of @soulscripts
  • kelsey_selig@soulscripts What bible are you using during your study time?
  • greatmomof3I'm excited to share your Instagram with my oldest daughter who is going off the college next fall!
  • itsyagirl_arii@morganfendley sounds like what we just went over
  • mua_kerimeraz@jlvasco
  • godgirlgramWow, love this so much! Thank you Jordan, it's a message we all need to hear and let sink in. 💗
  • _maddycarlson@that_girl_kay_
  • hopehaven5John 17:22 is one of my favs!!
  • intentionallyfreefitness@taylor_chames okay already LOVE!!!!
  • taylor_chames@intentionallyfreefitness right???
  • alyssa_jpg@morgangundy
  • morgangundy@Alysa a_jpg wow this is perfect
  • holly_canonSuch a gorgeous lady!!
  • kajaralston@trishyfishie 💕
  • aflourishingbrandLove this!! So obsessed with connecting people. Absolutely no one should do life alone 💗
  • dreamport9Every post you post is AMAZING Jordan Lee
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