Day 1 of transitioning from the Rock 'n' Play to a flat bassinet has been...rough, to say the least. 😭 #iwillnotcave #iwillnotcave #iwillnotcave  #wineme #poorbaby #10weeks #rocknplay4life #iwish
  • iowagirleatsDay 1 of transitioning from the Rock 'n' Play to a flat bassinet has been...rough, to say the least. 😭 #iwillnotcave #iwillnotcave #iwillnotcave #wineme #poorbaby #10weeks #rocknplay4life #iwish

  • claker23@the_woodenspoon how did you transition?
  • erika_schrader010We had a really rough go as well! I promise he'll get used to the change - it's harder on parents than the kiddos for sure 😄.
  • k_e_youngOurs is 7 weeks old today and I'm dreading the transition big time!!
  • princessalexdaieLook into @dockatot we loved it!
  • annamiller2012@claker23 no! She transitioned to my bed because she would not sleep in the crib. Finally at 13 months I bought her a full size bed and she has slept in there ever since. The crib was a total nightmare for us! She could get out before she could even walk!
  • piecesofpassonUgh, we had issues with that, too!
  • rbattaglia130Both my kids slept in their cribs from night one. Once they could lift their heads up, they both slept in their bellys. It is so much better when they have tummy troubles and they sleep better. I have an angel care monitor which we got before my 3 year old was born and now you for my 9 month old. It gave me peace of mind and helped when I moved back into my room after the first 6-8 weeks. My point is, doctors don't necessarily know everything and you need to do what is best for your kids and what you are comfortable with. I have told our Pediatrician that my babies sleep on their stomachs and neither of them made a comment about how horrible that is. The NP made a comment about how they are supposed to be on their backs but ...
  • lhomillerI just had to google "Rock n Play"--what a brilliant invention! Both my kids slept in their car seats for the first few weeks next to my bed until they outgrew that option. Apparently I was ahead of my time. 😂 I would have used the RnP shamelessly! Best of luck. As my mother always says, do whatever works for YOU.
  • mandyw526We used the RNP until almost 4 months with our daughter... started with a nap in her crib and luckily, for me, it worked out fine. Just don't feel like you have to move him out yet, unless he's too big (seems unlikely, as now my daughter is 7 months and still sits in it when I shower and stuff)!
  • eck1984Feel for you! We had such a rough transition with our first out of RNP. With our 9 week old I didn't even use it and went straight to the bassinet. I couldn't deal with the difficult transition again.
  • iowagirleats@eck1984 we did the opposite and are wishing we did the same thing again this time! 😆 the sleep was just. So. GOOD!
  • afreshlife_Good for you for transitioning early. I waited waaaaay to long because well... sleep is awesome. I recommend trying a @zipadeezip . It really made the move to the crib much easier.
  • jessssssiemarie@iowagirleats the flat spot can be avoided by placing a small blanket between the rock n play cover and the plastic part of the rock n play.
  • iowagirleats@lebrook24 @jessssssiemarie we tried that but it wasn't working for us. Oh well, he had to come out sometime! 😢
  • suero55How is the transition going? Your post made me realize I should start it now on our 3 month old before she hits the 4 month regression. 😣 I'm dreading how little she'll sleep once we transition. Debating transitioning to either the pack n play or bassinet because she's going to stay in our room due to the new SIDS sleep guidelines @iowagirleats
  • kiolsen62@iowagirleats we used a crib pillow (wedge) under the sheet to make my daughters transition easier.
  • larissa_h_m@robynherringau same situation here thanks for giving me hope. Our daughter is 4 months
  • r.crumOh no! I always put a folded up receiving Blanket on top of the plastic where their head goes (in-between the layers) to try to help with that problem
  • the_fitshit_coNice one!
  • jaimevieth@iowagirleats reading through these comments as I'm in the same boat! Did you end up trying Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit? If so, did it work?
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