• zoesaldana#tattoo time with the great Mark Mahoney @shamrocksocialclub @nicmahoney
  • djcamchristianAyeee.
  • me_mypics_and_eyeHappy New Year 😊
  • queen.e.oDo u WANT Ur hair to GROW👧🏾👩🏽 ?! THEN Follow me ‼️‼️💯 See how l GROW my hair ----- starting from ⭕️-💯% SHARING Tips, Do and Donts! Daily HAIRSTYLES and more .... Try IT out, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOOSE, BUT A LOT TO WIN 👸🏾‼️💙✔️💯
  • 2dreencmorgreenteeThat's so cool! Gud for yoo! Your perfect body is temporary liec yor tattoo.
  • elizabethhernandez.sCataleyaaaaaa 😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • jaimejr34Mi negra hermosa
  • ebrahimelazazinice one
  • lollollilhjRead my bio xx
  • halcidesThe Dominican Republic needs help. Our representative to miss universe @salgarcia1 does not have the resources to be able to travel to the contest, and counts on our solidarity to be able to achieve it. Since she won the crown, she has suffered terrible bullying so much that neither the government nor sponsors have wanted to support her. Please be a show of love and solidarity with who needs us, this is her dream, and together we can help her to fulfill it. In her profile is the link to contribute. No matter how much, every grain of sand makes a difference.
  • trachell_w😻😻😻😻😩😻😩😩😻
  • dar1een_Let me seeee
  • kandycemarieeWhat ya get mom 😍😍😍
  • sophie_rai__👎🏽🐷🖕🏽
  • an_nika35👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾
  • ninesareluckyAnd now the left will begin with the cyberbullying...geez when will it stop!
  • nyctmomLet's see
  • whu_happenYo...Do you even KNOW any black people?... I got about 80 pictures in and.......What the fuck, lady?? Not ONE?? You should see somebody about that, because there's some real self hate here....You don't even have too many HISPANIC people around, besides your family of course but......The fuck???!!
  • malcolmtaaffe123Hispanics are multi colored,I'm Hispanic ,and you can't tell,I think your an asshole treating this woman like this,she's loving,honest,and beautiful,what more can you ask for in this shitty judgemental world,Mira maricon!!leave her alone,I got your back z❤,dios te bendiga preciosa.
  • lydiaferguson48People are such assholes always bitching about something that has nothing to do with them.. For crying out loud grow up .
  • pathyanjosfLinda
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