• icehotelswedenICEHOTEL 27 Art Suite Audience. Design Wilfred Stijger @stijgerart & Edith Van de Wetering. Photo Asaf Kliger @asafkliger
    You don’t have to feel alone in this suite. The people in the room will watch over you while you sleep and make sure you have sweet dreams. If you ask nicely, they might even tell you a bedtime story. And when you wake up they will be there, watching over you.
    “Just before you go to sleep, it is nice to go through your day. Who did you meet? What did you like? What could’ve gone better? What are you going to do tomorrow? Your audience will listen to you, and perhaps have some good ideas if you observe closely.”
    Edith Van De Wetering is an artist who loves to surprise with her art. She has been creating art using sand in locations across the world.
    Wilfred Stijger is a multi-talented artist from the Netherlands and are specialized in sand art. With is art he wants to inspire others to open their minds and use their imagination.
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  • bcardeso@gordon_urra
  • wilsoninksnapsMind blowing!
  • beatasunneborn@marinagabana
  • gaelmcgThis was the room were lucky to sleep in one week ago 💙❄
  • icehotelsweden@diamondgael Wonderful - did you have a night chat with the audience? ❄️
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