• mimivesperWhen I was little and in my painting class, I was always interested in colours that I had to mix 3 or more colours to find them, and they came to my palette accidentally.
    This time I came across an old apartment in the center of Saigon, my hometown. My eyes stopped on some dusty paintings in a corner.
    I could not help my curiosity, so I sat down and used some paper to wipe out all the dust. I was amazed at the flowers I found underneath.
    My act catched the eyes of the owner, so she told me the story of her family and her sister who painted these paintings. She decided that this apartment is only for me.
    So a new journey begins for me. I hope I can make this a beautiful and spiritual place, a place for people who appreciate beauty as much as I do. I hope I have enough time and resources to do it, in 3 months.

    Like in the book The Alchemist, I believe that we will find the treasure of our heart, with courage and intuitiveness. And there is always something, little signs out there to show us the way.
    #leinné #leisure #inne #saigon #soon#383leloi

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