When do you guys take down your Christmas trees? 🎄
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  • loepsiesWhen do you guys take down your Christmas trees? 🎄
    💄 NYX Liquid Suede Vintage

  • rara7Normally New Years Day. But I'm really liking the idea of January 6 that everyone's talking about here! 🙂
  • ashpearson24Took our down Boxing Day (26th Dec)
  • mackenzie.beierThe day after Russian Christmas (Jan. 18)! We celebrate both!
  • muserladyI took My Christmas decorations down yesterday 😄
  • dannahxKnip je ook andere hun haar??
  • loepsies@dannahx Van mijn vriend en broertje 😜
  • bugluv33I take it down after Three Kings Day. January 6th
  • dannahx@loepsies hahaha! Je pony staat je in ieder geval prachtig 😊
  • emma_afflittoUsually not until epiphany so on the 12th day of Christmas
  • chelle_pdotsusually day after new years...
  • luzgatitoUsually on January 6th or a few days after that
  • pap3rwingsBefore New Year. Not even feeling Christmassy anymore now.
  • pastel_moth_Day after New Years! It's still Christmastime/holiday time until then in my book. :)
  • buu.888I took mine down on 27th Dec 😊
  • pixel_lindiLike February haha
  • anonymous_angelmAlways when Christmas holidays end! 7th of January 😎
  • sexymadhatterNew Years day usually.
  • dr.preetiverma@loepsies can you make a video for messy hairstyle puffy hairstyle which looks something different
  • dr.preetiverma@loepsies I loved all your hairstyle
  • mentatphotoAfter Epiphany, January 6th. That is also the 12th day of Christmas (Christmastide) which is where the song comes from.
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