• instawithalex✖️INSTAGRAM LIVE✖️
    Am I the only one who doesn't have this feature yet??! Why Instagram, why?! 😂 Ya'll are asking me a lot about this, so let's tackle it. How do we use Instagram Live, and will it benefit our accounts, blogs, businesses, etc?
    ★First, to use Instagram Live, navigate to your camera by swiping right from your home feed, when you're here, look in the top right for a "live" button. Like I said, I don't have this yet, so you may or may not see it. If you click it, your live broadcast will immediately begin.
    ★At this time you'll experience something similar to Facebook live and Periscope.. A number of viewers at the top of your screen, and comments from your audience scrolling upwards from the bottom of your screen.
    ★Now is your time to shine: show your audience what you're up to, answer their questions, teach them something new.. use this time to build your relationship with your audience, prove your expertise, sell product, etc.
    ★At the end remember to use a Call to Action. Ask them to follow you, like your recent post, or click the link in your bio (you earned it!).
    ❓What do you think of IG Live? Have you used it or will you use it?? Let me know!
    📸: @bychrissabella
    #immtribe #instagramtips #instagramlive

  • melissamoranphotoI need to just do it. I haven't even done any insta stories yet!
  • creativeboxnzGreat tutorial x
  • brandingwithbreI still don't have it either!!! So frustrating!!
  • festivefettiI've done one IG live and was so surprised how many joined. The list of who joins goes quick so I know I missed many but it was fun to give a live tour of a listing on my blog
  • hunters.jonesGreat info @instawithalex I have the feature but haven't used it yet. Thanks for sharing all your fab advice!
  • makeupandflatsI can't believe that you don't have it yet!
  • itsjustdionneIt's fun but short lived. I kinda think I like that though!!
  • coachangieeWow... really? Of all the people who should have it ...is definitely YOU!!! Will have to check it out👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
  • whatyou_make_itI didn't love Periscope - too many trollers - so I'm not excited about this. But it seems like everyone loves a good video!
  • rhiannonconnellyDon't think I here it yet either - not sure if it will be my thing .
  • weesleepybeeI really want to use it when I'm crafting something so people can watch the process!
  • carrie.felton@ceci_leibovitz I'm right there with you!
  • bethlhicksI don't have it either!
  • readamyI'm still figuring it out!
  • michellenutritionHey check this account out! @amandafacciolo
  • virtualgirlsfridayTeach them something new! Great tip!
  • clarissaawilsonI love your tips!
  • thesocialmediaofficerFunny the way Insta & Facebook roll out their new features ...
  • scoutdigitalIt's hard to keep up with all if these features
  • estellebriedisHaven't tried it!
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