• 193countries2016 Annual Review! Every year since 2005, I've spent up to a week in December looking back on the year that's ending and looking forward to the next one.
    This year's review was a bit different. For the first time (in a decade!) I resisted part of the process. I finally decided to just not look back at all ... so my "review" is almost entirely forward-looking. Read the whole post at http://aonc.co/16review
    And no, my handwriting isn't nearly this good! 📷 is by @boho.berry, who is much more talented than me. #annualreview #artofnonconformity #2016 #yearend #chrisguillebeau

  • hackapreneurnice to meet other entrepreneurs on IG!
  • boho.berryThanks for sharing! The annual review is such a great way to set yourself up for success the following year ☺
  • litleafcity😍handwriting course!
  • daviepocstarStill, that is really nice penmanship! Looking forward to reading this post. Because of you, I've been doing a yearly review for the past 3 years☺
  • megankwasniakThis is a REALLY NICE handwriting! I'm totally obsessed! 😜
  • metodo4mind👍
  • nylebayer
  • communicatrixThat is some beautiful lettering! I think you should consider looking forward to some calligraphy in 2017😉
  • laurenseawomanYour handwriting is beautiful!
  • kirsta.sandiego@boho.berry needs to come to my school and teach me how to write on the board properly 😅😂 #leftyteacher
  • ceruleanunion@superawesomeashley @lindaeatsworld
  • taurustravelsCursive is a lost art
  • financialtimetraveler💰💰💰
  • gibbyroad💙
  • thenikkithorntonLook forward to meeting you at WDS in 2017! I wonder what your review will be this time next year? The possibilities are endless ❤
  • thenikkithorntonPs @193countries I'm travelling all the way from Scotland for it so I'm super excited!
  • samantha_lotusDo take the opportunity to congratulate yourself for all you've accomplished and show yourself that gratitude you so deserve!!! You're doing great 🙏
  • alexander.cantonHi, I think this is a great shot. I stumbled upon it ;) 😍 Keep up the awesome work!
  • asmithblogGood stuff! Nice handwriting, too. 😀
  • _anacariniAgain, love the content! Thanks Chris and happy 2017!
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