Made myself a new hoodie #cricut #hipster #irony
  • beerandpieMade myself a new hoodie #cricut #hipster #irony

  • rautiocinationI love my cricut, though I wish it was a bit more hackable . . . and that the sheets stayed stickier for longer
  • beerandpie@rautiocination which one do you have? I got the Air Explore, and I'm really loving using design studio instead of just the cartridges. I've read hacks for making the sheets stay sticky, but they never seem to work for me.
  • rautiocination@beerandpie uhhh cricut explore iirc. yeah, I don't see the point of just cartridges. design studio is decent, but i've brought it to its knees a few times with more complex designs. I just want some way to insert some pure gcode :) my solution for the sheets is to hit em it with 3M 45 spray adhesive . . . works but you sometimes have to wipe some residue off the workpiece
  • beerandpie@rautiocination I'm not an artist like you, so design studio has been fine for my needs. 😝 I had the original cricut cutter, mostly used it for cutting out letters and numbers and basic shapes. I didn't get much use out if it, though, because the cartridges were so limiting.
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