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  • markgiambrone22Today was pretty awesome. We got to experience something that hasn't happened at #Uluru in quite some time. Massive rains pounded the desert for hours causing huge waterfalls all over the rock. Jane, Jeff, and I were the only ones in camp that decided to brave the storm...and man were we in for a treat! #AyersRiverWalk

  • markgiambrone22@bbcnews
  • da12vidHi, my name is David and I'm a producer with CNN. Thank you for giving us permission to use your video. I would like to ask you a few questions: 1) What is your name so we can credit you? 2) When did you shoot this video? 3) Where do you live? 4) How long have you been in Australia? 6) What was the weather like? is it hot, cold? It sounds windy? Is it still raining?
  • markgiambrone22@da12vid my name is Mark Giambrone, I shot the video yesterday December 26th at approx 8am. I'm from Washington DC here on holiday; only been in Australia for 2 days, Ayers Rock was our first stop. The weather was mid 70s F, very windy and rainy (obviously). The rain finally stopped right before sunset last night around 7pm after raining for nearly 24 hours straight.
  • mkirengaWow...what an amazing sight...thx for sharing!
  • markgiambrone22@ginger_zee isn't this awesome?!?
  • caitlinwallisAmazing!!!!
  • storyful_brandsHi @markgiambrone22 it's Niki at Storyful news agency here. Can we please share your video with our news partners in broadcast and online? And what's the best contact for you? Cheers, Niki (editor@storyful.com)
  • normanhstripped☔️ 💨 ⛈ l👌
  • jpt1x@ellekthompson
  • lotuskatskitchenThank you for capturing this!!!
  • shalahjSoooo lucky to be there
  • mezyj@claudea3 wow!
  • earthenfoodieAmazing sight! Breathtaking. You are so lucky to have been there to see it!
  • brettaustinryanincredible ! thanks for sharing
  • deus_16@melbub1
  • melbub1@deus_16 amazing!! 😱
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  • weatherchannelThanks for permission @markgiambrone22.
  • edemoelJust read it in our newspaper with referrals to your insta. Unbelievable footage! Thnkx for braving this storm 🌊
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