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  • storybookcosmeticsTrying to refine our Quill eyeliner brush tip. We will eventually release other styles (angled etc...) how is this one looking? (Deleting in a few minutes just wanted some feedback!)

  • abbyrmoenLooks nice! Maybe do a swatch for us to give true feedback but it does look very lovely
  • mzjay_jay@storybookcosmetics i love the brush its perfect for a true curvy wing i started with cake liner my first brush looks similar to this one however your brush is way kooler! Cant wait for the launch i love liner
  • dungieeeThinner please! I think even with product it is a little too thick. A pointier tip makes for better winged liner application.
  • thejedijunkyardMaybe shorter?
  • thejedijunkyardShorter, dense, and thinner!
  • mermavery_87I would want something thinner - i love the bloom cosmetics liquid liner brush the most of any i have used
  • yung_britt_When will the quill and the eyeliner be released?!?!?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • coolkidc8I always prefer an angled tip for eyeliner pots tbh 💖
  • artificiallysweetThis looks perfect to me.
  • dabbeyroad710I think it could be a little thinner.. but that's because I personally need the utmost precision when doing my liner and it's always easier to build up to the wing you want then to make it smaller if you go too big @storybookcosmetics But other than that it looks beautiful! Hope the formula is water proof!!💕
  • claud.drinks.tea@storybookcosmetics do you think you'll eventually have a bent eyeliner brush?
  • ajpeacockkThinner is better. I wear my eyeliner extremely thin!
  • cayenn3__I wish the brush bristle could be shorter in length, those drew perfect liner for me hehe
  • kirstmariemakeupA swatch would help us see how sturdy or flexible the tip is. Really flexible brushes can be tough for liner and I think if it was more tapered to a very thin point, it would help for winged liner. The design and concept is stunning. I'm obsessed, awesome job
  • tena.velezhow flailed out do the bristles become when you push down ?
  • pansiesonparadeI agree with other posters that thin and very tapered is definitely better, especially for winged eyeliner. Can't wait until this comes out!
  • purple_cloud94Good! Maybe let it be thinner in the end?💜
  • justduckyyyit looks a little long which would make it difficult to control but the fibers look high quality!
  • xoxo.christineeeyou havent deleted it yet! :D
  • clairesoflairit looks kind of like the tarte bamboo liner brush tip
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