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  • lilbluebooShe opened up clothes and other presents but looked kind of sad that Santa didn't bring her what she asked for...until someone noticed some wrapping paper behind the couch. When she started crying we all started crying. #christmas #americangirldoll

  • vlynnp1946I love it when young girls still love dolls. Precious gift.
  • lilblueboo@emchhom yes! Every Christmas!
  • _nplum183_She is the sweetest little girl!!! Omg I cry every time I watch this 😍 I just love her to pieces! Much love to your family on this beautiful day!
  • verandahmommyOh my word Ashley! What a sweetheart. I'm crying too! Merry Christmas to you all🎄😍
  • suefries1What a sweet child! You cannot help but cry with her.
  • cammie823What a great memory captured!!! Beautiful! Such a sweet and greatful heart. Merry Christmas! 🎁
  • blessthismessblogKristen made it to our house this morning! We love AG!
  • kjcanipeBless that sweet baby!! I had Josafina and Addy when I was a little girl. Now my eight year old has them!! So sweet!!
  • wildabouttwoThis brought tears to my eyes!
  • 12160215The perfect reaction u want to see when you give a gift!!! Yay! Yah did it! 👏🏻👍🏻👏🏻👍🏻
  • mommyof3royaldollsI started crying 😭 what a cute girl. Such a blessing 😊 Merry Christmas!
  • missers1@lilblueboo Thank you for sharing such a precious moment with us. Being a mom of 3 adults, 2 that are beautiful women, this brought back memories of when they received their #americangirldolls.
  • anestfulAwwww.....so sweet! Absolutely precious!
  • faraheverafter@rosainc
  • hannfamShe is the sweetest.
  • hope_dwellingWhat a precious precious girl she is - heart of gold 💗
  • lisaschooley@jkkklowry
  • shelleyswensonAwe... So sweet❤️❤️❤️
  • sanduske@lilblueboo Ashley, your family has inspired me so much through some really hard years. Just knowing you all exist gives me a hope inside I can't quite describe. merry Christmas to your sweet family. 💕🎄
  • texascrazy5So glad your little girl still enjoys her dolls. That she shows a tender heart at her age, makes me shed a few tears, too. I want Kaya, too. I got the Lea pieces I wanted. You sweetie makes me smile as do those 2 pups @lilblueboo! Happy New Year..
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