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  • boden_clothingHe's been, he's been! 🎅🏼 Merry Christmas, one and all. May your day be lengthy (and trousers be loose) 🍴

  • barbbrandt3Crushing on those red flats🎄❤
  • saralpoolHappy happy Christmas, Boden peoples - staff, customers, fans! Shopping with you has made clothes interesting again, and my confidence has increased comfortably as the weight I gained while dealing with spine injury and operation has healthily dropped off.
  • saralpoolPosted too soon! I've put the all - black hidey clothes behind me, and my daughter and I can try hitherto never contemplated colours and outfits in privacy of home, no sneery strangers sharing the strip off space.
  • saralpoolHere's to a 2017 where the world regains it's sense of kindness to strangers; and a new daisy frock! Peace and love, Boden gang 😊
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