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  • mikekimtvI often feel like a mess these days, yet sometimes reminded about God, my faith growing up, and the simplicity of singing heartfelt songs -- not caring about performance, pitch, or my bed head hair (obviously) but just being myself. I like this song, Ever Be.

  • natecronkLove singing with you my man
  • pastorkristophermays@mikekimtv Hey brother! We've never met, but I have had thoughts in the past of sending you an email and telling you about how it is that I was introduced to your business and then later your worship music (all very anointed, great stuff by the way). I have been following you online for at least a year and a half by now. I first started by listening to your podcast - Brand You. I'll have to put that email together soon my friend. I want to encourage you. I leave you with this as a teaser. Being introduced to your business, caused me to be positioned for tremendous growth in my education of a number of things and frankly, I feel like my life was changed by coming to discover you. God still has much for you to do Mike! Would love to pray with you. I'll get that email together soon and break down my story for you. Be blessed and be encouraged in Christ my friend!
  • timothymevansLove that Aaron Shust song, Mike!! You should post more jams like this! I would love to play the guitar someday - how long have you been playing? Great job and thanks for sharing!! 🙏
  • wdkunkelSound good bro. Love the chord voicing!
  • jenniferhopperI love when you sing.
  • mikekimtv@jenniferhopper thanks, 9. I've not had much music in my heart a long while. Too sad. I'll pull out of it at some point.
  • mikekimtv@wdkunkel thanks, Bill. Just a cut capo.
  • mikekimtv@timothymevans thanks Tim. Been playing about 20 years haha. Since I was a teen and led worship music for church services I was involved with through the years.
  • timothymevans@mikekimtv that's awesome! Any Third Day jams! Keep posting ... you're good and need to keep sharing!
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