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  • j_evans1219Excuse my mom... but wanted a little personal dinner for a baby shower this time. πŸŒ·πŸ’•πŸŽ‚ #BabyEnsley

  • falicia_wilhoitBabs is life she is the ish the only crazy white lady I love to listen to over and over again, she needs her own show where we choose places she goes and things she does that puts her in crazy, funny antics and we get to hear her funny comments and unfiltered remarks. LMFAO
  • annieccosta@ginger_ballerina619 mind ur own business ,shes free to do wtv she wants
  • moonmommy17@mrs_seales it doesn't matter how many gifts you get even getting one thing people should be appreciative. Don't be materialistic that's not what having a child is about...
  • moonmommy17@wyattsdad what's so wrong with guys at a baby shower it's called a co-ed baby shower it's not uncommon lol
  • dixiechick197935Ha ha girl love your momma no matter what because you'll regret it if anything would ever happen to her. She's so cool.
  • xx_mglWhat is Jenelle's snapchat name??😊
  • hannahniccole.xoIf you negative ppl don't like @j_evans1219 &/or wanna make negative comments or judge her; why in this world are you following her!?!?! Go on with your "perfect" "no mistake making" self & get a life!!!!
  • jen_is_dynamite@hannahniccole.xo agree!!! It's BS to be a social media bully!! They are just cowards hating they're own life taking it out on others! Get over it people she is fine and and doing allot better than you guysπŸ˜‚
  • khloefrombrooklynI am so proud of you @j_evans1219 you've come a long way! You never gave up and you were always determined! πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ
  • mchsi2015Never heard when you were due? Bet you both are so excited! ! πŸ’–πŸ’–
  • idont_understand25@dixiechick197935 Exactly she is sooo disrespect towards her mother and she's going to regret that if something were to happen to her.
  • robbswaggsAw so happy for you. You've become such a great mom ! I'm happy for you and David.
  • emelie79_Whitout Barb - Jace would not be in your life Jeanelle
  • tanasolorio_@wabi___sabi
  • shaybaby_xox@laurabm4 yea its suppose to be called a sprinkle after your first but by her 3rd now she obvi. has not realized that!
  • dreaboo___@shaybaby_xox why so you care let her have10 kids and 10 baby showers what does it matter to you??? Not like your paying for any of it!! Get a life
  • journeewairoaYour mum sounds like marge on the simpsons haha but good on her for putting your baby shower together ☺
  • journeewairoaN ensley is a cool name
  • dream_dollxCONGRATS @j_evans1219 ❀❀❀
  • angel_moss15@j_evans1219 your an awesome mom. And I just love you. You've come such a long way
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