You guys, the workshop we had earlier this week was FIRE. So many of you are ready to tackle 2017 like the boss you are. So many of you are ready to dream big and do BIGGER. You’re ready to not just have ideas and hopes and dreams, but for freaking once to actually see them happen. In early December we opened the doors for The Follow Through Method and since then we’ve welcomed over 160 of you inside. WHOA. You might think that The Follow Through Method is simply about productivity. That it’s just about goal setting and planning.⠀
But it’s so much more than that. Another huge aspect of the program is launching. Why? Because everything you do in your business is a launch. Period.⠀
✔️ Your blog? A launch.⠀
✔️ That mug? A launch.⠀
✔️ Your packages? A launch.⠀
✔️ You social media strategy? A launch.⠀
Make sense? So that’s exactly why we walk your through it inside The Follow Through Method and made a new bonus called “Launch in a Box”. This bonus is available with your Follow Through Method membership for just three more days. After that it’s gone. In this bonus we walk you through the exact steps we take to insure that nothing gets missed in our own launches. It’s the perfect blueprint for you to take and apply to the next thing you’re launching no matter what it is.⠀
Get it and the program by clicking the link in our Insta bio or head to
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