Apparently, my Bernina has variable speed foot control. Turns out my pedal was broken, I needed new belts and a motor adjustment. But, my baby is home.
  • missceliespantsApparently, my Bernina has variable speed foot control. Turns out my pedal was broken, I needed new belts and a motor adjustment. But, my baby is home.

  • sewkateI'll have to look up what that even means! Sounds useful.
  • paulalovestosewWelcome home 😍👍🏼
  • menelson55Variable speed? I wonder if mine has that -- thanks for mentioning that 🎄
  • velosewerMerry Christmas🎅🏻
  • mrsasavesWelcome back home. Where is that shop? do they sell the pattern weights too?
  • closetcase.patternsI lost an 830 on Kijiji last week because I waisted too long to respond BUT I found an 1130 I'll be picking up next week. STOKED.
  • missceliespants@menelson55 Maybe I'm calling it the wrong thing? But, before, it only sewed at two speeds, which I changed my moving a lever on the machine. With this foot pedal, I can sew slower, faster and in-between based on my foot pressure. He said mine was broken. Since I got it like that, I just thought it was how it went.
  • missceliespants@mrsasaves It's called Stadham Sewing and it's on the southwest side of Baltimore. They do domestic and industrial machine repairs and industrial and Juki sales. Yes! It was the first time I noticed the pattern weights. They are $13 each and I bought two.
  • missceliespants@closetcase.patterns You may actually be happier with the 1130. I think it has a lighting / stretch stitch while the 830 doesn't. My friend Trena grew up on the 1130 and now uses it over a more modern Bernina. Let me know if you need feet. There's a store by my that always seems to have them on clearance because most people buy the newer feet. I'm not sure what they have left. But, I'm happy to check!
  • menelson55@missceliespants thanks for the reply I've only had my 830 for a couple years so I'll check the manual 🎄
  • menelson55@closetcase.patterns I have both an 830 Record and an 1130 and I love them both Craigslist scores both machines loved by their owners
  • scoutmillineryI'm getting my 930 back from the sewing machine hospital next week. SO excited. (It's been better to me than I've been to it. 🙁)
  • missceliespants@scoutmillinery Mine told me, 'you need to oil it'. I felt so ashamed.
  • juliastreet10@missceliespants where do u take your machine ? Do they service pfaff
  • missceliespants@juliastreet10 He services everything afaik. Where he runs I to trouble are some of the proprietary items. I know they couldn't get a part for my Baby Lock because only dealers could it. It's called Stadham Sewing and they are in Southwest Baltimore City.
  • scoutmillineryUm. Same here. 😔
  • mlweavingDoes He have the foot pedals? My 1976 Bernini 830 Record needs a new foot pedal.
  • missceliespants@mlweaving I think he said the original would be around $70. This is a replacement and I think it was $30.
  • missceliespants@mlweaving Mine is a '76 also!
  • mlweavingThanks! Ps, I bought mine new in 1976. Good thing I sew barefoot. I was using it several years ago and my foot felt the foot pedal Getting hotter and hotter. The wires inside it were frying. I replaced the foot pedal then with a generic. My son has the machine at the moment and has told me that it is no longer working.
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