• estherjuleeDo you have a favorite airline that you're loyal to? What about your least favorite? @AmericanAir is now our least favorite. 👎🏻👎🏻 First of all, they made me check in my carry on bag when they ended up having so much extra overhead space, and now it's been missing for the past 48 hours. No one knows where it is!
    They told us it would be delivered at 1AM, then 6PM yesterday, then 1AM again. Still no bag. Then they couldn't seem to find us in their system. Then they told us the system has been down. Everyone's had a different story. Now wheresmysuitcase.com says it's been delivered at 3AM last night, which would have been impossible for our building, plus the rep over the phone told us not to wait up for it. I really hope they didn't just leave it outside because it will get stolen in Portland. I get that it's the holidays and that it's busy, but can you try to be more transparent and helpful rather than trying to pass us and the blame over to someone else?
    [UPDATE - finally got the bag back after 4 days and over 20 phone calls. 🙌🏼🙌🏼 AA kept blaming the delivery company but turns out AA labeled it wrong so they tried to deliver it to someone else's place. Relieved we have the bag but appalled at their customer service.]
    Anyone else feeling this pressure to stay unrealistically positive over the holidays? It's been a rough few days. Trying to remember the reason for the season and be grateful but also stay honest too. Yes, missing the bag has been really annoying to deal with and we've both been sick with bronchitis, but it's been especially rough with @jacobthefu's grandma passing away 2 nights ago. She was very close to the family, and everyone has been taking it very hard. We're not even sure how to process it all right now and have just been keeping ourselves busy with work. If you're the praying type, we could really use your prayers, or good vibes, or just anything you got sent our way. 🙏🙏🙏

  • estherjulee@expatedna thanks Edna! *hugs
  • estherjulee@swagginscottricks thanks Scott!
  • estherjuleeThank you @hipfrenchies 🙏🏻❤️
  • intehelenaI like KLM and SAS. But I don't have a least favourite one. I'm sorry to hear about your bag! I hope you get it back soon! And sorry to hear about Jacob's grandma.
  • insolenceandwine@estherjulee I think someone really needed a size 5.5 shoe for their dog to chew. It's our first Christmas without my grandparents, definitely an adjustment. 😢
  • liviagiovaraNice shot!
  • habitat9travelsArgh!! So frustrating. No airline in particular. Sending good holiday vibes!! 😘
  • estherjulee@intehelena thanks Helena! ❤️
  • estherjulee@habitat9travels thank you becca! 🙏🏻❤️
  • catycatsLots of hugs for you both 💜💜
  • estherjulee@catycats thanks Caty! ❤️❤️❤️
  • hannahmagsayoAirline horror!!!! Hope everything is alright!
  • ianellis5Sorry to hear that guys. Sending all my best
  • saramelotti_So sorry to hear that 😞
  • keyvnadenise:( nice shot though
  • pink.lemgood to know, gonna be careful with them 😎
  • maracroftNot really. Except from low cost I don't like anyone specially!
  • lorena.mendivil😍😍😍😍
  • johnny.flowersAh. I sorry to hear about this situation. I'm glad things worked out
  • tatang.suandiNice moment
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