• soulscriptsHey buddy. I just want to say something because I know Christmas is usually a time of cheer but maybe it's just not for you right now. Or maybe it is, I don't know.
    But it might be a reminder of how happy you DON'T feel, or of how lonely you've felt. Maybe you've been hit by a bus or rejected and perhaps something just feels OFF.
    And you know what? That's okay. You're allowed to feel that way. But before you get stuck there, I want to tell you something.
    Buddy the Elf felt like that, too. He didn't have much to celebrate on the outside. He was the weirdo. The loner that everyone rejected. The guy no one understood, the misfit that got hit by a cab when crossing the street. But he celebrated beyond the rejection, the loneliness, and all his circumstances. He poured syrup on everything and he saved Christmas.
    And you know what? There was someone else that understands you even more. Someone else that everyone thought was a weirdo. A loner. A misfit that wasn't hit by a cab but nailed to a cross. He poured His Spirit on everything and He saved YOU.
    So when you start believe the lie that you aren't worthy enough or loved enough or allowed to experience the cheer, the joy, and the love that the loner, misfit, Savior of the world brings, I want you to look the enemy straight in the eye and say, YOU ARE A COTTON HEADED NINNY MUGGINS AND YOU SIT ON A THRONE OF LIES. YOU CAN'T STEAL MY CHEER THIS YEAR.
    Because that's Christmas - Christmas is hope in who Jesus is when we are not. Christmas is cheer beyond the enemy's beatings. And Christmas gave us the Best Buddy we could ever ask for...He doesn't wear elf shoes. He doesn't wear a Santa hat. He wore nails in his feet and thorns on His head - for you. And He goes by Jesus.

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  • jamiemccormickYou are such a blessing to so many lives.. Thank you for being you, Jordan! Needed this and it looks like some others did as well. Merry 1st married Christmas Dooleys! @soulscripts
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  • e_lunn13@holyandbeloved i love ya for thinking of me 💘💘 I'll see ya soon!
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