• instawithalexFriday is finally here!! I'm in my home town, Calgary AB, and am attending an epic annual christmas party this evening where I will be able to catch up with old friends and create some lasting, 2016 memories. I'm so excited! 🎉 ⠀⠀ ⠀
    ❓What do you have planned?? Let me know in the comments or simply ditch the computer/phone and go enjoy yourself! Happy Holidays! 💋 ☃️ ⠀⠀ ⠀
    📸: @p.i.c_style_
    #immtribe #instagramtips #happyholidays

  • virtualgirlsfridayHappy holidays @instawithalex 🌲
  • readamyYay yay! Hope you have a great Christmas!
  • booksfaithandcoffee👍🏻 I've been spending time with family
  • stevenepprechtFamily time! Merry xmas 🎄
  • donnareedinbluejeansSpend as much time with my family as I can before my girls go off to Grandma's house for a few weeks!
  • magdaayukI had a relaxing day watching movies with the fam! I hope you had a great time!
  • marketingdocReconnecting is powerful! Have a wonderful holiday season!!🌟🌟🌠
  • uncoveryourjoyI hope you had some awesome magical time 💙😊 I went to visit some family and now I'm trying to recharge after two days of noise and too much food 😂
  • rhiannonconnellyYes , pretty much offline & just catching up now . Hope you had a lovely time :)
  • melissamoranphotoHope you had a great holiday!
  • tammyneedletrinketsNot looking forward to the holidays especially with my family overseas but let's hope for next year to be together
  • lifedecidedI ditched
  • thesocialmediaofficerI was offline, visiting family and had no internet! It was awesome 👏
  • miria.jb.hoodhope you had a great time. i did the latter and ditched the phone and focused on the fam jam! 😍🎄
  • hayley.pepperAll family, no technology 🎄🎉
  • clarityiscrucialSounds like a great time! ✨
  • makeupandflatsHope you had a wonderful christmas
  • scoutdigitalHaven't posted a lot. Need to ditch for a few weeks!
  • estellebriedisSounds lovely, hope you had a good time ☺
  • bosscosmetiqsIf only.
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