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  • leonidastradingOne of my students sent me this. Quick $1000 today.
    #FOREX trading requires knowledge, discipline and experience. Here are some of my trades and screenshots from the private trading room with my students.

    All trades are posted days or hours ahead and my goal is to trade to within a few pips of a reversal with nearly 100% accuracy on 4 hour and daily bars. Some setups are changed or canceled in my trading room. •
    I use proprietary currency composite index charts to forecast each pairs' movement. Once the general trade setup or trend has been identified on the composite index charts I look for one of the 7 patterns that I currently use in my trading, which sometimes allow me to enter swing trades on 4h charts to within a pip or two.

    This is my own method and I don't use any indicators or oscillators. I scale out 3 times so I take profits off the table while the trade is moving towards the final target. I take both trend and counter-trend setups. Though counter-trend trades can be a little bit more risky.

    As a trader you must educate yourself about the markets you are trading. Then you must track your ideas, patterns, to see what works and what doesn't, how often and why or why not so you can develop your trading method and style that fits your life, personality and lifestyle along with risk tolerance and realistic goals.

    To give myself a mental edge in forex I practice daily mediation and mindful living and being. My mind stays sharp and focused.

    Trading is a skill and an artistic mental game and pips is how we keep the score. Wishing you success, health, wealth and prosperity beyond your understanding!

    Thank you for visiting my page 🇺🇸🇷🇺🇸🇬
    - Vadim (the machine)
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