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  • liftersclinicPerform the single leg banded spiral lumber hip dissociation (LHD) to improve both sport performance and aesthetics.

    LHD is a term used to describe the optimal movement pattern of maintaining a relative neutral spine while hinging at the hip. This could be observed during various compound lower extremity exercises where excessive rounding of the back while under load would be unwanted.

    The carry over of performing a single leg LHD is the demand to maintain good knee posture through hip and lower leg motor control and strength. This, could not be stressed more for traditional and non-traditional sport where running, pivoting, jump to land, and other high velocity plyometric demands place large stresses on the lower leg, most notably the ACL.

    This banded spiral variation incorporates the external forces placed on the knee but in a controllable and scalable method.

    To set up, use a flat training band with 2 eyelets, preferably acquire a CLX band from (@theraband )
    Place one eyelet around the upper thigh and begin to wrap the spiral with a external to internal direction. 2 spirals will be used to influence thigh and lower leg internal rotation, which will force both the hip and foot (respectively) to over come the challenge. Lastly, select an eyelet of choice (one the provides a challenge and full execution of the movement). Excess band will be held for an additional but not necessary movement.

    Start by performing a knee bend to roughly 45 degrees. Next, transition to a single leg stance and begin a hip hinge with relative neutral spine. The non-stance leg will move into hip extension and here is where the magic so to speak happens as both legs act to provide resistance to one another.
    Optionally extend the arms forward to demand further control and now total body influence.

    Ideally, perform in a fatigued state following training. Conversely, perform as a priming movement using an eccentric isometric (@dr.joelseedman_ahp )
    To improve joint range of motion and muscle recruitment/balance.

    A huge thanks to @anytimefitnessmj for the amazing training space and awesome trainers who set the environment!

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