~ At a coffee plantation, Salento, Colombia, Nov 2016 ~ 
One of my favourite pictures I have taken in Salento -- i highly recommend doing a coffee tour (and there are many available out there). You'll learn all about the growth process of coffee beans, the types of beans that grow in Colombia, the amount of organically grown coffee produced each year, the labour that goes into it all so you (wherever you are in the world) can enjoy a good cup of black brew, the wages that are paid to people who harvest...it surely is eye-opening...once you know the hard work that goes into producing coffee...you'll appreciate something so seemingly trivial (like a cup of coffee in the morning) so much more! 
I guess we, in the Western world, take many things for granted...let's all, so close to Christmas, and for every day after that, bring more awareness into our lives...ask yourself ... How many people have worked on that chocolate you've just eaten, that jumper you're wearing, the sheets on your bed you get to wrap yourself around in, the shoes you're wearing, the phone you're using...let's send out gratitude to people in this world who work hard every day on a low wage, so we can  live a life of comfort.... My wish for you this Christmas, is that you don't focus on what you need more of...or what you're lacking...but that your awareness rises and you realize how abundantly rich you already are. How blessed you are. And that many people you don't even know contribute to making your life better every day. People you don't even think about. Remind yourself that behind every gadget, everything you consume, every seemingly unsognificant thing you use in your daily life...lies labour...people...you're brothers & sisters...humans...like you & me... And perhaps you may even feel inclined to support an organisation this year and help those in need. Even if you just decide to do one simple act of kindness every day...even if you just smile at a stranger...Let's give back...shall we? Let's spread love... Merry Christmas everybody! 
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