• me_and_orlaJoining in with @taraswiger's #fridayintroductions - because how often do we follow people then forget who they are!

    So, I'm Sara! I'm a writer & photographer, & offer courses & mentoring to help people create beautiful and engaging content for Instagram & beyond. I blog at meandorla.co.uk and my favourite things are naps, linen dresses & gin.

    Your turn! Even if we've known each other forever, I'd love to hear how you'd answer! πŸ˜‰β€οΈ

  • fashionsdecayP.S. I love all your photos. Especially this oneπŸ’«
  • hannahargyleWhat a lovely shot
  • me_and_orla@fraeuleinsonntag this *definitely* needs to happen! It's long overdue!
  • janmurrayukGreat idea. I'm Janet and I teach creative folk how to promote their business in the media!
  • adelasterfoodtexturesGreat idea ✨ I'm Olivia! I am a photographer and I teach small workshops in wild-food and photography, I also host dinners outside in nature using wild food from the area we are in! On my "free time" I'm renovating an old cabin in the woods of Sweden 🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲
  • liveotherwiseI'm Jax, and I blog, tweet, make art and ponder stories, all while wrangling children.
  • amandabanhamceramics@me_and_orla hi Im amanda and I am a potter working in stoneware. I teach workshops in clay and screenprinting. I have four children, 2 dogs in the mix too.
  • amiramedhat84@me_and_orla thanks babe 😘
  • cecilemoliThis pic!
  • eduard.militaruI am Ed and I trust in food. The End.
  • chandraliladeviHey beauties I'm star seed Suany , I am a creator of all things for I carry the essence of the cosmos inside me . I am an enlightened s
  • laura19_11Love your decoration 😘❀️️
  • lapetitboxIm Clair and i live right in between yorkshire and Lancashire. I adore flowers and afternoon teas. And i live with hubby who has a fab job designing some amazing @fikitchens and we live with two very very lazy cats.. And I love playing and creating beautiful pictures for our boxes. I wish i had more time in the day to do more creative work.
  • apartmentsgallipoliBellissima πŸ“·
  • fredaandcoThis is such a good idea. If I hadn't lost track of what day of the week it is, I'd do the same. xx
  • gloriabcollinsHi I'm Gloria, and I love anything to do with flowers. I live in an old 1840's house in New York and run my #slowhomeliving business from there. I love chickens and love eating real food. My creative goal is photograph a beautiful image every day.
  • theroundwindowGreat idea. Is it Friday yet? Or Tuesday? I literally have no idea #thenomanslandbetweenchristmasandnewyear
  • coldatnightSuch a great idea Sara ! Love reading all about everyone .. but not so good writing about myself .. mother of 4 grown very handsome young men ☺️ and a keeper of the land and good times at @fforest - in my other life in London before we moved west to Wales, I was an illustrator of children's books and textile designer maker x
  • vibekeolsen1So beautiful pictureπŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜
  • thegoblinchildHi! I'm Amber. A few years ago my partner and I decided to try to intentionally conceive twins, and a year after their birth, we decided to do it again! Now we have four aged two and under, and I mostly document how I am losing my mind.
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