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  • soulscriptsSo I'm sitting here in tears because I just got this AMAZING testimony from the girls at the University of Kansas who are using the COLLEGE study on their campus to bring women from all walks of life together.
    You know, when God challenged me to write this for groups of ladies on campuses around the globe, I never expected it to have this kind of community building, healing, chain breaking power. And to be honest, it doesn't. I don't. But God does. And little nuggets like this remind me of the ONE reason to keep doing all this: He is sweeping a revival across this nation's campuses and I want to be an active tool, a part of it, not a passive observer.
    If you're looking for a study for your group or considering starting a small group on your campus next semester, COLLEGE is now available on Amazon as a physical book, too. 🙌🏼

  • katieweber21OMG HI SWEET FRIEND @danabex
  • erinmccoy_OMG @KTVAHLE ITS YO
  • baily_elaineThis is so cool!! My bible study is doing this too!! All the way in Lubbock, Tx!
  • ktvahle@erinmccoy_ hey hey hey!!!!
  • carolynnn_1KS !!!:)
  • thekatchronicles@bsadtler we may need to look into this 👀
  • antonialcamThis is at my university❤️! How can I become a part of this?
  • lovedbychriststoreAwesome move 👏🏾
  • danabex@antoniacama talk to me!!!!
  • michellelynnwrayI go to church with some of these girls in this video! Love this!
  • ryleedavino@vanessaaperez you are the only CRU girl from our bible study that I have on Insta so I wanted to share this and say that we should do this!!
  • vanessaaperez@ryleedavino yes!!!! This would be so great!
  • vanessaaperez@awesomesauceness
  • jenra81@ohyeahkid
  • jenra81@ohyeahkid_
  • ariele_ashtonBeing a soul sister and a graduate of the University of Kansas, this makes my heart happy. ❤
  • chanaynayraeYeah KU 💗
  • emilynn14EEEEE @arbleck @kathryna11
  • lydiahovious@maddyhovious ❤
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