Celebrating the first day of winter at Grotta delle'elefante, a hidden gem. Odie hated it. .
#letsgoeverywhere #outsideisfree #firstdayofwinter #naturalwonder #caves #itravelalone #solotravel #vangirl #vandog #pamthevan
  • pamthevan91Celebrating the first day of winter at Grotta delle'elefante, a hidden gem. Odie hated it. .
    #letsgoeverywhere #outsideisfree #firstdayofwinter #naturalwonder #caves #itravelalone #solotravel #vangirl #vandog #pamthevan

  • tuffy_fireflyFound you on the chive. Awesome!
  • antsoclSaw you on the chive as well. This is inspiring! Plans to some to Canada or USA ?
  • lynnlee__1Saw you on the chive! I shall travel vicariously through you and your dog :)
  • pamthevan91@segobob I'm really not sure he kept whining and barking. Quite a few divers have died in there and I'd like to think he could feel that, but he was probably just hungry :)
  • pamthevan91@antsocl, i would love to, it's would just be very difficult to bring Odie with me.
  • antsoclHe doesn't like to sail? It's Canada's 150th birthday next year and all the national parks are free as part of the celebration.
  • pamthevan91@antosc is it really? that's really good to know. Not sure if i'll be able to sail there though! :)
  • kalme_willowYou are living my dream. How i wish i had done it. Im 55 and had to retire early from print media for health issues. Im in the US and traveled little...unlesz it was with my work. No leisure. Adopted at birth... i recently found my roots are scandinavian and western eoropean. There are so many places i want to go. Ive toyed at the idea of a van and the road...ive now got my children grown. I hope to do it by spring. My wanderlust wont end until i see my ancestry land. That has been a lifelong journey in itself.
  • kalme_willowKeep wandering. You will never regret it. I wish i had of done it. Few can know what the soyl needs at your age. Go with it! God Bless!
  • monaopgWoaw 😍
  • vile.whiskersi've always wanted a mobile home of some sort, not an RV, but maybe make a school bus into a house, or an old car, like how you did ! seeing people like you really motivate and inspire me, seeing your pictures make me smile c: i have one question though, how do you get money to keep up with gas and food, water, etc ?
  • iasg1602Amazing pic!!!!!
  • pbornainWay to go :) enjoy your fabulous trip with Odie..f
  • pireeeetDamn, u two are my #goals in this life! ❤️
  • aditi.srivastav.35Looks so magical 😍
  • pamthevan91@vile.whiskers Hi! I will soon be making a blog post on it, so stay tuned!
  • valefofywawyQuien te saca las fotos?
  • vile.whiskers@pamthevan91 oh okay ! thank you !! ill be sure to check daily c: (by the way im sorry for asking you the same question on your blog, i didnt see you replied to me on here !)
  • pamthevan91@vile.whiskers no worries :)
  • paddle_aventuresVraiment beau !♡♡♡
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