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  • hipointfirearms#Repost it's great seeing more respect for #hipointfirearms and showing that they are not limited in their abilities. @concealed_carry_nation with @repostapp
    Great message. A well rounded shooter should be able to perform with any firearm given to him. Risking that Uncle Mikes holster is pushing it though 😳. Repost @truexodus
    My Hi-Peazy is on 🔥I come cross a lot of people who think that they need upgrades or modifications to their Guns. It's not needed to become a good shooter. Those things aid us. They look real cool. But ultimately they don't MAKE the shooter. I've got some other videos dropping soon showing things you never thought you could do with a high point. 😭

  • dirtydnicholsThis is a perfect example of training beating equipment.
  • tonys643My 40 works like a dream can't complain one bit
  • bunsgarrett@bender.w.b
  • 83cruzerI own the c9 and it's great it's just like anything new to a person you need to figure it out because it's different than what someone may be used to like going from a brand new car to an old beater you just gotta figure it out and it will not let you down
  • ethan.kim.451Hey can you make your guns not look ugly
  • dareal_cjvI got a 380 and a 40 and they both work amazing never jam
  • reclaimedcompanyDid i see a jam at about the 13 second mark?
  • justingomez47@e_ternal_e
  • slow6ohhYou can actually hit what u aim at with a hi-point and I've had all the top brands
  • kimbroughtimGot 3
  • v1ruzsn1p3rYea that is typical Hi-Point for ya...Jam masters... They are accurate and can be used as a club or paper weight too so yes they do serve a purpose even if it wasn't the one intended...
  • tone6530Can't get much better publicity than that. I would really think it would be worth the investment to work the bugs out of the C9 magazines though
  • insta_dopunI'm surprised at how great my .40 is - but I would never carry it.
  • dodge_avenger08Proud owner of a .380 but wanting. 40 or .45
  • jimmys94I've got a c9 and 45 love them both. Anyone know what holster that Is? Would like to have one
  • loveisevol76Make 45 CA Legal @hipointfirearms
  • johnrayvanceGot a couple c9s and a carbine.love your guns!! I hear alot of bashing but i tell ya,they are reliable.to all i hear about jammin,well i have shot some expensive guns and they all can jam.clean clean clean.
  • will_schaefferLove my 40 just need something smaller to carry.
  • rahiem_aliI have the 40 and love it, I'll be buying more for sure
  • a_kerr14@turbo5nail @belofante_88
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