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  • monicakurschnerThose who leave everything in Gods hands will eventually see Gods hands in everything @jessaseewald
  • mollyjosephinaThis is so great. But i know you can't have many c sections so i don't think they will have a lot of children
  • babygirll._.kayy@bravensfan43 right🙄
  • babygirll._.kayy@kardawesome that's true we'll jill is taking care of hers
  • dfreeznYou can have a vaginal birth after a c-section. @mollyjosephina
  • mollyjosephinaOnly if you have had a vaginal birth before a c section. Your uterine wall can rupture and they do not do that anymore to women who have only had c sections. It's very dangerous @dfreezn
  • dfreeznNope, not true. I had to have an emergency c-section for my first and I am eligible to try a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean). My sister had a VBAC with her second, her first was a c-section. I know 3 other moms I'm friends with, all who had a VBAC with their second child - only delivered through csection previously.
  • dfreezn@mollyjosephina ^^
  • mollyjosephinaYou always have the risk for ruptures though. You are twice as likely for them since your first was a c section. And it depends on whether or not you have small babies or not.
  • mollyjosephinaYes you are eligible to try but many complications arise with such a situation and I'm sure your doctor has made you aware of them. @dfreezn
  • mollyjosephinaThey really don't like to encourage them either. Why did you have to a c section ? Was your baby breach ? @dfreezn
  • hannpike@cherwaldner Hello! In reference to your comment about flowers and their beauty/functions being so detailed etc; I recommend you read what Richard Dawkins has said about this subject. Essentially many of the flora and fauna in our world appears to be designed because it has adapted to its environment over millions of years - so of course it's going to suit its environment and appear as if it fits perfectly. Evolution is even responsible for the colours of flowers - those of more vibrant colour attracts birds/insects of particular species, allowing cross pollinisation, thus they are more frequent and present in the gene pool. New colours can also arise from gene mutations. There is also many explanations of why wind is what it is, a google search will show you this. Have a nice day :)
  • o_audrey@mollyjosephina That was how it used to be before they started using a horizontal incision. C for first and VBAC for the rest.
  • mollyjosephinaThat has nothing to do with anything I said. Sure that's possible but you need to be extremely low risk to have a vbac and you need to have small children also. Her baby was huge so it may not happen but I hope it does for her.
  • rustic.home.life@mollyjosephina they definately let you try for a vaginal birth. There are so many success stories!
  • rustic.home.life@mollyjosephina I was elegable for a vbac and I have big babies!
  • mollyjosephinaYes if you are low risk of course they let you try. I am aware of success stories. You are saying you were eligible meaning were is past tense and I'm guessing you already had your baby but by how you said it I'm assuming you had to have another c section. Also they don't like to have you try again most of the time if you have huge babies. It puts your uterus at a higher risk for rupturing
  • myheartjacob@mollyjosephina my Midwife told me immediately after my csection that I could have a VBAC if we have more children. Some docs are just lazy and don't want to do what they have been taught to do. If you want one I suggest you switch doctors and explore your options
  • mollyjosephinaYou are missing the point though. You are more at risk for uterine rupture and if you carry large children. Everyone is entitiled to try a VBAC after a c section but many more risks come with it. Stating I need to switch a doctor is ignorant and irrelevant. I live in a city with some of the best hospitals in the country. The doctors and hospital staff are amazing here.
  • mollyjosephinaYou also need to keep in mind that no 2 pregnancies are alike. Just because you have an easy successful pregnancy and labor and delivery the first time does not mean it will always play out the same the second or third time.
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