• queen_b_bTransformation Tuesday !!!! 3 years and 103 lbs later it's crazy to look back and see all that has changed in my life. In the left pic I was unknowingly on the brink of the most difficult time of my life. At the time I couldn't understand how my life would unfold and what it all meant but if there's one thing I know for sure is I'M NO QUITTER 👊🏼 I know there are amazing things ahead as well as tough ones because that is life. What I also know is that I've survived all the tough times up until now and the future will be no different. The only way you figure that out is by facing life and fighting through life to be the best you for yourself, your kids etc. I pray that if you haven't up until this point been successful at conquering those battles, this is your year of success and resilience. There is no greater feeling than standing on top of the mountain after the hardest climb of your life! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
    Consumers who use Herbalife Formula 1 twice per day as part of a healthy lifestyle can generally expect to lose around 0.5 to 1 pound per week. Participants in a 12-week, single-blind, study used Formula 1 twice per day (once as a meal and once as a snack) with a reduced calorie diet and a goal of 30 minutes of exercise per day. Participants followed either a high protein diet or a standard protein diet. Participants in both groups lost about 8.5 pounds.

  • michellemjwI just saw you on tv inside addition congratulations you look amazing I was in your shoes I know just how you felt you go girl I lost 50 pounds and I am not going back it's all about eating healthy and exercise ❤
  • tmmysgirlI need your help to do this..can you help me?
  • pr_azian@dkraven74 she's the woman I saw on Inside Edison
  • dkraven74@pr_azian I have been thinking about doing herbal life.
  • marilyn.hocker1What is herbal life?
  • b3b0r0d@meralis_alis
  • meralis_alis@b3b0r0d q cambio wow
  • tucctightmusicWow... You go girl...
  • becker_karen_hablas español :)
  • ozandsteph@tetany1
  • herba24coach72Wow amazing transformation @queen_b_b keep up the great job for life we are Herbalife. Wow que transformacion @queen_b_b continua con el proceso por Vida somos Herbalife
  • joshuaone9@queen_b_b i am verry impressed!! GREAT job. Keep it up💪
  • filipina80Your an inspiration
  • lugoomess@meire_fvieira
  • susi.alvarezz@yourstruly_a.v this needs to happen to me omg , she's gorgeous ❤️
  • janiecebartonThe change is amazing!
  • manyfacedgodmcWow incredible!!!
  • abby._dawn@queen_b_b you look 20 years younger and so beautiful! This is amazing! Way to go!
  • shruggingatlas78Hot damn!!!💥💥💥
  • aprilmichelle83@lopez3_25
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