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  • startingstrengthSSC Dr. Austin Baraki @a.z.b critiquing his own squats and clarifying some very important ideas. ・・・
    An illustrative comparison of two squats from today's freezing cold training session: first, a very sloppy 505 showing several errors including a bit of knee slide in the bottom and (most importantly) early lifting of the chest during the ascent. The next rep at 545 lbs is much improved, demonstrating better control over the knees as well as what we refer to as "staying in the hips". You'll hear folks cueing you to "get more upright," to "look up, head up, chest up" or to "drive your traps into the bar". All of these cues tend to result in inappropriately vertical back angles, reducing the hips' leverage over the bar and, therefore, bar speed at maximal weights. "Hip drive" does not mean "good morning", but if you want to squat maximal weights, you need to bend over and use your hips!
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  • d0uevenliftKanye during the bad squat, Biggie during the good squat. I approve.
  • yo_mama_liftsthx doc💜💜
  • gmpolicastroThis is a great post! 👌🏽
  • asdfghjklpoiuytrewqzxcvbnm1000Would love to see more of these for bench, press, deadlift, power clean.
  • kimstoutfitnessIn case you find this interesting @double_dds_fitness_project_ :)
  • double_dds_fitness_project_Awesome lift! I think the low bar squat has its merits! Im a fitness generalist and will likely train dead lift and a more vertical squat position that transfers to thrusters, cleans, jerks, and FS. @kimstoutfitness
  • kimstoutfitness@double_dds_fitness_project_ I hear ya! I do lbbs because it is the safest lift for my back. Once I have enough stability in my pelvis/ low back I will go back to other lifts. I miss all of cf but due to a disc injury I have to do focused strength work for now.
  • sspnutritionKeep on rockin!
  • massenomics@squat_university I would like to hear your take on this. If you are in 100% agreement or if there are any points you have a differing take on?
  • crankyprofessorVery helpful!
  • megadrive2001it helps a lot! this is one of my problems ... gotta fix it
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