Who needed who this season on #Loveandhiphopnewyork for a storyline?

@callhersam or @yandysmith ?
  • fameolousent_Who needed who this season on #Loveandhiphopnewyork for a storyline?

    @callhersam or @yandysmith ?

  • heavenly_kustomzShe asking where's yandy love at , like she not on the show because of her love . Both them kill me , y'all on the show because y'all are baby mothers and mona likes drama. And she shouldn't be talking cause last I checked your story line was being a dead beat mom😒
  • paola__bearBut yandy has been relevant since the creation of the show. 🤔
  • bbihtxSamantha because yandy has been on the show for years . And samantha just popped up outta nowhere. Alest that's what I think .
  • kamirrorSam needed yandy or she'd have no ties to the show
  • ciwnl01I look at #Trashcanyan# page and not once has she posted anything about you nor Erika! So,after seeing that I'm like ok. Who looks more ridiculous them or #TrashcanYan# as u call her? Even with the lies that all of you are telling because yes all of you have lied. No one has been totally honest including Yandy. No one has to prove anything it shows Good mother,ex girlfriend, wife,babymuva,or slide which is a very stupid word. Actions speaks louder than words.
  • harlemhoney133How you see the glass is how you see it but Yandy been on the show for several years ...Mendeceea story line is old because he is in jail so Yandy main character need new story new drama so bring along baby mamas for the dramas so who needs who!!!!
  • yoshedatchickThis beef is so FAKE. They're all in cahoots with each other...Yandy the baby mamas the grandmothers...I don't know why people don't see that sh**.
  • im.lalaSamantha know damn well she needs Yandy and Mendeecees relationship for her storyline. Bitch nobody would know who you were if it wasn't for them! like gtf, you and Erica are fucking irrelevant! Be gone pigeons🖕🏽
  • lil.miss.geeteesam is actually right mendecees is gon what is yandy gon do to entertain us? talk bout young b?? uhh no thank u
  • sexyofficer4uI believe Sam don't take care of her son bc for the longest I thought her so. Was Yandy and Mendecees son together because he was staying with them. She need to fall back.
  • sexyofficer4uSam and Ericka is jealous of Yandy and should be focused on their children instead of so much hatred against Yandy who's taking care of her children.
  • ms.keyabby@gmade30 😂 damn
  • m.aiya15So she don't get paid?? And if u don't like her so much y u wanna pay her bills if ur " getting her the checks"?? 🤔🤔
  • melina_titoYandy did need that story line
  • knotyouraveYandy did need them. They've been around since the beginning but people were tired of seeing Yandy have no drama while everyone else gets exposed. She had no storyline. She just mingled with the other cast mates.
  • china2120Actually yandy got them on, they wouldn't be known or relevant if it weren't for yandy
  • msbossjonesBye Sam. You and Erika need Yandy. Yandy has been having a storyline for Years on Reality TV. Yes y'all ratchet asses made this season more entertaining but she would of had a storyline regardless
  • kcbaby77Uuuugh
  • t__rosasYes yandy got them on the show but without them yandy wouldn't have a storyline. Dip shits 🙄 that's the point Sam was making
  • canesinclairWho can still eat without the LHHNY checks Sam of Yandy.? 🤔
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