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  • yin_dgsWe are back home after an amazing holiday in beautiful New Zealand! I thought I will share with you my #travelersnotebook which I took to journal on the trip. In the end I didn't have time to use most of the stamps and supplies I brought along. But I used up my tape and glue because I collected and pasted lots from brochures, business cards, tickets and so on, leaving some space for photos. Very pleased with everything I have captured and as you can see I used up two insert notebooks! Will have some fun adding photos and embellishments soon. #traveljournal #travelscrapbook

  • jazzmintAwesome
  • paulplusbelindaLooks fantastic!
  • elaine.summercrafterI love it Yin!! Thanks for sharing how you preserved your trip memories. Now I have a clue 😉 as to how it's done!
  • larkindesigntmWow it's incredible!!!! I'm in awe of all your journaling! 😍😍😍
  • janiemarie123Love. Love. Love.
  • pmzfAmazing. Thx for sharing for those who feel overwhelmed as to where to begin. Love it!!
  • rhadondaI love it! I love how your family travels together. What a blessing to see the world! What a gift of experience and life for you all but especially the boys!
  • melody_blakeWhat an amazing keepsake of a fabulous trip!
  • scrappysueLooks amazing!!!
  • katenacLove seeing this! Thanks.
  • yin_dgs@elaine.summercrafter oh yes you are going to NYC right?? Collect everything to document! Have a wonderful time!
  • yin_dgs@larkindesigntm I am no good at being concise 😂😂
  • yin_dgs@pmzf thanks! I thought to share how much can easily be done on the trip. Only 10% more to completion once I get home!
  • yin_dgs@rhadonda We are blessed indeed. It's the only time we have the boys' company 24x7 and it is beyond precious at this stage!!
  • macalpLove this!! It is always so overwhelming when you get back and wanting to make it 'perfect' I tend to plan plan plan and it never gets done! I'm going to do this when I'm on my cruise whilst I'm sipping my cocktails 👍
  • yin_dgs@macalp sipping cocktails while scrapping, perfect! 👌
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