There’s nothing like the first dusting of dough.
  • popeyeslouisianakitchenThere’s nothing like the first dusting of dough.

  • americanheritagepridePopeyes located within ATL Airport displayed racist behavior to a white man as they snickered about his name and called him white boy. What will Popeyes management do about this? A polite white male orders and pays for food and gets ridiculed my a black supervisor and a black line worker?? If the situation were reversed they'd have been fired on the spot. Disgraceful. Will never enter a Popeyes if this isn't addressed.
  • jamori_rashawnBring back the chicken and waffle tenders. Not for a limited time either.
  • bravesfanamyAfter hearing about your racist Atlanta store, guess it's Bojangles or Chick-fil-A for me.
  • jason_le_12350293
  • seaview1026After hearing what went on at the Atlanta store and the discrimination involved in would never buy from any Popeyes. I will tell everyone else I know to do the same
  • lynzyy_Bruh lookin at the biscuits in this picture got me choking lol
  • ssimon726Not happy about the Atlanta issue. Not happy at all
  • 514hooliganExpand to Montreal please 💔
  • __.aadil.__why aren't you guys posting anymore???
  • shedaone722Very disappointed in my Cajun wing box...
  • vnge1Y'all ran outta chicken
  • ellenmegan123@danmanders eats two biscuits every morning for breakfast @popeyeslouisianakitchen he's your biggest fan
  • popeyeslouisianakitchen@shedaone722 We want to make this right. Please provide the details at 1-877-POPEYES so we can help. Thanks!
  • popeyeslouisianakitchen@alexisshimere Thank you for your request. We will certainly keep your thoughts and suggestions in mind.
  • raul_ball@cdas137
  • xoxo.abby11@popeyeslouisianakitchen I went to Popeyes last week to get 2 pieces of chicken 🍗 1 biscuits and 🍟 fries and drink when I opened my book in my car the biscuit was eaten I asked for a refund but they gave me more food want my money I come their everyday until I get a refund but I check my food in front of them and I need my money
  • popeyeslouisianakitchen@xoxo.abby11 Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Please provide the details at or 1-877-POPEYES.
  • pfogle_L
  • frank_carter32These biscuits make me nut
  • spinnerbait94I wish there was a Popeyes even remotely close to where I live, no chicken places like the upper peninsula of Michigan besides lame kfc @popeyeslouisianakitchen
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