• davidbartongymIt's "ASSolutely ABBulous" w/DBGym Trainer Jabari @shape LIVE
    #AstorPlace #NYC #LookBetterNaked

  • kevinwilsonnyc@herbabeast if you're the president of a company and don't allow for a time period for your employees to brace for a devastating business move. It's hard to give any sympathy toward that. Just saying.
  • gayandsober@chrissyca2nyc good form! Thanks Crunch! Can crunch help us too?
  • gayandsober@herbabeast can we please have those candles in the lobby of Astor place?
  • maeultraRIP. I was in love with this gym. Loved the vibe, people, the instructors, staff, dark lighting(I hate jock gyms). Coolest locations. Fluidity barre classes were awesome. While I'm glad obnoxious Cyc is closed, I'm super bummed about DBG. If you guys are getting rid of and selling the furniture and decor PLEASE holla at me I NEED THEM 😤
  • tylerslade1I just got a year membership and then they close. I cant even sue because their other gyms are in LA are owned by others.
  • tylerslade1Let this be a lesson for the remaining locations -- only pay month to month, leave nothing there and never ever pay an initiation fee.
  • oh_whatthe_hell@herbabeast they dont deserve it?! They knew for months and chose not to tell us or their members! I had them take a members $7000 for a training package and a month later u close?! Fuck u. @kkavan48
  • essenceistattedI was a maintenance employee at Astor place for two years even became the first female maintenance supervisor for two I don't like how they went about handling this situation I am upset with Kevin because he could have said something he was there and didn't uytwr a word I am a single parent of three and for me to go to work and find a sign on the door is fucked up
  • runningjockTruly fucked up! I'm very sorry and sad for all of the members and employees 😭
  • tylerslade1@essenceistatted break into the gym and steal a treadmill. Sell it on eBay.
  • tylerslade1@goddessprosper use the other 15 in ur own house and just pretend. Visualize you're at the old gym.
  • tylerslade1@shawn_nyc61 after this you all should learn never pay initiation fee. Tell them this is why. Walk if they can't ease ur mind. The fee is to bind you. Tell them you won't be bound after this.
  • goddessprosper@Tylerslade1 Cute, I'm going to move on with a new gym and same trainer.
  • tylerslade1@goddessprosper just dont pay the same guy twice though.
  • brandeswellnessWell done!
  • go_cwFeeling angry for the employees and members who were left with zero notice. The communication and response (lack thereof) from DBG has been incredibly subpar. I prepaid one years membership and now left with no gym and having to find/pay another gym. Can't imagine the frustration for those who prepaid expensive training packs or showed up to work with a shock during the holiday season. DBG - not acceptable. 😡
  • beastmotivatorTOPP!!💪
  • akacocolopezGoing to miss all u loyal DBGers 😭 won't be the same with the lights on but #fuckdbg
  • baumshell_@marcusholder this one too
  • leawoodfordAww sweet
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