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  • fameolousent_Here it go!😈 Via @realhousewivesatlanta

  • raquiefaith@reesie_f_baby
  • eurekachanel😩
  • aquarius_awakened@locticianmarie1 facts
  • aquarius_awakenedI started looking at Kandi different when I watched that Xscape special she starting fucking JD for the lead. Then all of sudden AJ gets killed then how shes done Phaedra during this entire ordeal. I dont give a fuck what you know you dont snitch on your friends point blank period!
  • hairbyfrances@aj_hairme hell yes so much fake reality. I love Kandy tho
  • hairbyfrances@aquarius_awakened Phaedra switched on her 😑
  • aquarius_awakened@hairbyfrances how?
  • teamrussciKandi is a bitch!!!
  • inhisdreamsWhen Todd show his ass maybe Kandi will stfu about that woman moving on...
  • baddieedeyI don't like Kandi this season, she better hope Todd stick around cause she gonna be lonely, miserable and full somewhere lol
  • tigerswifeforlyfeAnd this case Kandi was not in the wrong. Phaedra's messy and she does try to play the victim. Don't dish out what you can't take.
  • missj_coleKandi is trash
  • missj_coleExactly!! Just cause yall not cool no more don't mean it's cool to do that then either. Kandi is trash!
  • _peachiekeen__She couldn't say nothing guess its tru!!
  • lsw2015When people get fed up they tell u how they really feel
  • simplyunique_88Kandi is 1000% right! Phaedra is the nastiest cast member of the bunch, always has been and she finally woke up to see what her "friend" was really all about...
  • psimdopeafKandi should've spazzed on her ass years ago! That's that Taurus in her loyal to a fault but don't push it. And that last button was pushed.
  • itsmepashLove kandi she always tells it how it is
  • porscha_panameraKandi so whack for that omg
  • derrickarobyKandi tootsie roll neck ass downbad for that better hope Todd don't leave because she's def going to be just like her miserable ass maw
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