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  • judaspriestRob Halford & Glenn Tipton discuss Turbo and the importance of the record in Judas Priest’s legacy.
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  • veronica4717
  • fernandaeloy7💚 love judas priest 💙 💖
  • mostholydeth@much_timoria 😀
  • chriller1974👍👍👊👌
  • redsaintpotionYeeeeah!
  • motortash🤘🏽🤘🏽
  • indiosegadasviannaAmo muito essa banda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • davestorms2112It's not the technology that I don't like about it. Some really horrible songs on Turbo. Out In the Cold is the only great song.
  • cristianoisacUma das melhores bandas que eu já vi!..
  • brenbojayStop blowing smoke up our asses! This album was mostly bad. It's as if Brett Michaels wrote most of the songs. Judas Priest doing a really good impersonation of Poison
  • agdabavipainI hated it and now I love it. Turbo for life!
  • alliglowWhen my son was 3 he use to walk around singing this song 😃😃😃
  • daripper72When u love a legendary band like Priest, u should support everything they do.
  • estephane_zealReckless é a minha música favorita deste álbum 🤘
  • ului89Legends of Metal. All hail the Metal Gods!!! Respect.
  • iainhindsTurbo one of my fave songs
  • ehdimazOM TELOLET OM
  • therealdwcFuck Yeah!
  • tomomi.501Metal God❗️🤘🏻
  • hsydhrbdVocês são foda!!!!
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