#MeekMill edited to say this is just his friend. Ladies, are you this friendly?
  • balleralert#MeekMill edited to say this is just his friend. Ladies, are you this friendly?

  • sweettobeme77old foh lies get a life
  • georgiecontrerasFuck no
  • cantget.right_@deraydavis i bet, shit you the only dude i know that got sisters on ya team lol gotta teach me bruh
  • __truluv_How many people have seen @nickiminaj naked? None soo how ya so sure it's not her ? Let them live jus listen to their music and continue on with your lives smh...
  • sweetnergrandfather@trxyesican
  • _la_haitiDats Nicki ass stop playing😂😂😂😂
  • pointforwardproy'all don't know about that life quit frontin
  • thanellaa@fabulousjihan girl your obsession with her body is something else😴heck! Here you're again spreading lies about her,stop looking at her photoshopped pics online she was never skinny,go watch her first music video the jump off 07 all she probably did was fat transfer or ass shot not implant! And you really need to get a life
  • fabulousjihan@thanellaa are you kidding me? What the hell are you talking about? I saw a couple of videos. I am not talking about pictures. She was always skinny. Stop acting like she was ever thick before surgery. Do you even know what a thick woman looks like? Do you know how much fat she would have needed to get her ass that big. Where was it coming from? You need to get a life with your delisional self. The only reason I am talking about her body is because of the damn picture and people are trying to figure out if it is really her. So no boo boo, it's not an obsession.
  • thanellaa@fabulousjihan here you go again with the paragraph😴obsession damn!you're pathetic,her mom,brothers dad are mostly chubby ,her weight flutuates the damn video you claimed you saw ain't Nicki, go watch her first music video before fame and stop spreading lies you no life miserable ugly bitch
  • fabulousjihan@thanellaa I am not spreading lies. Maybe you need to go look at several of her old music videos and videos where she is free styling before she was famous and get your eyes checked first. She was never thick; she had no hips, no ass and small breasts. Now you are name calling. I didn't call you out your name. Well that's what a dumb, uneducated, ugly ass bitch does. You are that bitch. STFU and move on.
  • thanellaa@fabulousjihan bitch women boobs never stop developing her mom has huge boobs, she was never thin stop the obsession with her body is getting creepy and you look jealous and miserable,they are all chubby in her family thats why her weight fo flutuates alot,she did not have any implants in her ass know the difference😴you can now go on other blogs to continue with your obsession you fucking weirdo
  • never.neveahLiar
  • _kwall7_@fabulousjihan that bitch blind AF or on some type of drugs lmaooo
  • fabulousjihan@_kwall7_ exactly. People are a trip. They think just because they idolize a celebrity, you must act blind and act like they are perfect I actually like Nicki Minaj, but I am not going to lie and say she was thick before she had surgery. She wasn't.
  • _kwall7_@fabulousjihan who the fuck doesn't know she wasn't lmaooo like u gotta be real stupid to not see the hugeeeee difference. Actually all these famous baddies these days had work done and everyone knows it. Nicki..amber rose..blac chyna ..Kim .. They're still fine AF and I like all of em tbh but its obvious they're not natural lmao
  • chink_12_17@getrightorgetleft32
  • miszgabbiiI think nickii ass is way bigger than this
  • shuzukani2013Nicki dint have back tatoo though
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